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breakfast burritoThis week we've made meal prep exceptionally easy. Whether you whip up breakfast burritos for the week or throw a fiesta for taco night, you're ready to go with this week's bag. You've got beans (already cooked), peppers (already diced, just saute), winter rainbow mix (the perfect crunch), Anaheim peppers (for a little spice), and some very high quality, flavorful tortillas to wrap it all up. Pick up this week's cheese - delightful creme fraiche - for a dairy dollop to complete the dish. We're huge fans of the breakfast burrito because you can make them ahead of time and freeze them! No need to rush around the kitchen at the crack of dawn, simply reheat and enjoy your morning.

You'll notice we've gone to the Vermont Bean Crafters well a few times this week. We've been working with Joe (pictured in the center) and his team for a couple years now! Field Goods has been the proud test dummy on some of their incredible products, and we're so pleased to see their growth and success. Learn more about the food hub here.Joe of Vermont Bean Crafters


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Braeburn apple
Braeburn Apples
Yonder Farms (FAM)

These sweet and refreshing apples are good for eating, juicing, drying, as well as cooking. Don't miss the notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. Put 'em in a salad for a crisp bite. 

Old-fashioned Apple Crisp
Apple Pie Cheat with store bought crust (one for the bottom and one for the top), and no one will be the wiser.
Apple Turnovers
Apple Pancakes
black beans
Black Beans
Vermont Bean Crafters (CO)

These black beans are organic, shelled, and pre-cooked. Eat cold in a mixed beans and veggie salad with feta and salad dressing, or heat up and add to chili.

Kale & Bean Stew
60 Vegetarian Black Bean Recipes
roasted Anaheim peppers
Roasted Anaheim Peppers OR Roasted Sweet Peppers
Vermont Bean Crafters (CO)

A mild variety of the New Mexico chile pepper--expect a medium-hot flavor. Stuff to make chile rellenos, or blend and use in a sauce for any dish that deserves a little heat.

Classic Chili Rellenos With Anaheim Peppers
Homemade Anaheim and Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce
Roasted Anaheim Chili Sauce
Pasta with Anaheim Peppers, Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, and Pine Nuts

Vermont Bean Crafters (CO)

Make your own tortilla chips: Pre-heat oven to 350°F. Cut the tortillas into wedges. Spread the tortilla wedges out on a baking sheet in a single layer. Bake the tortilla wedges for about 6 minutes, then use tongs to turn the wedges over. Sprinkle with a little salt, and bake for another 6 to 9 minutes, until they are just beginning to color.
Family & standard: 6 count.
Small & single: 4 count.

Tortilla Soup

winter rainbow mix
Winter Rainbow Mix
Crooked Carrot Farm (OG)

This is your time to shine. Make a killer winter salad! Here's a fantastic winter cabbage, purple cabbage, kale, and carrot mix as a foundation. You can add shredded parmesan, crunchy nuts, and a dijon-based dressing with balsamic, olive oil, and garlic or a standard mayo-based dressing. If you've got any apples, just slice 'em and mix 'em in too.

Cabbage, Kale, and Carrot Chopped Salad
Two-Minute Creamy Salad Dressing
mixed bell peppers
Diced Frozen Bell Peppers
Holmquest Farm (CO)

Making life easy, they're diced for you! A fabulous mix of green, red, and orange diced peppers ready to go. A cup of sliced raw bell pepper, especially red, has 150% of your daily value Vitamin C. Talk about nutritious! Just thaw them out (rinse under warm water, or leave in the fridge), and you're ready to make any of these amazingly tasty dishes. We love to stir-fry them, because it's an easy and fast way to create a warm and hearty dish!

Stuffed Pepper Soup
Quick Beef Stir-Fry with Bell Peppers
Pepper and Butternut Squash Puree
epper-fried Rice


  • Herb & Allium: Garlic Mushroom Olive Oil 60ml from Pure Mountain Olive Oil & Cipollini Onions from Fledging Crow Farm (CO)
  • Fruit: Apple Chips from Finger Lake Fresh
  • Cheese: Creme Fraiche from Kreimheld Dairy
  • Bread: Cinnamon Twist from Bread Alone
  • Pasta: Pizza Gnochetti from Flour City Pasta (CO)
  • Yogurt: Whole Milk 32 Ounces from North Country Creamery (OG)
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  • CO - Certified Organic
    Farm uses organic methods and is certified.
  • OG - Organically Grown
    Farm uses organic methods but does not have certification.
  • IPM - Integrated Pest Management
    Methods used to reduce the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • FAM - Family Farm
    Farm often uses organic and IPM methods but may also use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Small farms use far fewer chemicals than large industrialized operations.
  • All of our products are non-GMO!
    GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism.
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  • Tip 1: Any item you would cook, you can also freeze.
  • Tip 2: A dull knife conspires against you and slows you down. A sharp knife makes your food taste better, and look better too! NY Times Article
  • Tip 3: Any greens need to be as dry as possible, wrapped in a paper towel in a plastic bag, and kept in the fridge crisper.

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