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What are you up to? How have you been? I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. It was definitely a mellow week for me! I can’t believe it’s already December! My gosh… What’s coming up? Are you working on anything? I’d love to hear it. I’m about out of fun projects, it’s just been all work. If you need inspiration, I’ve included a few articles below outlining different winter project ideas. If you run into something you need help tackling, get a hold of me! 

Alrighty, well have a great rest of your week. If you find anything fun to do, let me know! I gotta get something on the calendar. Thanks for checking in this week and being apart of my market report. Stay warm. Let me know how I can help! 

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We are in another month and the RMLS has released some numbers regarding Novembers market. I hope I don’t bore you with these graphs. The more I look at them, the more I see an obvious pattern. It would be thought provoking to have a psychologist break down why they think the market has responded the way it has, over time and through different “hectic” societal events. We know inventory plays a huge role, and often during these times people wait to sell their properties. It has felt like the recent “tension” in general has played a role in properties on average selling faster and at a higher price. I’ve felt it going back and forth with buyers.  I think the better we can understand the psychology, the better we can predict/prepare for the future. 

Multnomah County 
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Multnomah County- Many counties are tracking alike. Similar to previous years, new listings to hit the market dropped considerably from October 1,1554 to Novembers 917 active units (posting full data below). Sales are up at 1,070 units, which look to be around +150 more than your average November. Days on market increased +7 to 45 days in Nov, which is 18 days less then the prior year/month November 2019’s average of 63 days on market. Prices are up exactly 10%, which has been slowly dropping from our most recent high, a 13.85% price increase in September. Still, 10% is good and looking back, outside the most recent months, we hadn’t seen that kind of a spike since Feb 2018 where prices rose 11.80%. So we’re looking good on those numbers. 
Clackamas County 
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Clackamas County- although smaller, has experienced similar market activity. Their active listings have also been dropping, taking their biggest dip from 776 in Oct to 528 in Nov. Sales have dropped from 743 to 595 total units sold in November, which is only a few above the 563 sales that were seen in Nov 2019. Unlike Multnomah county, prices have continued to rise, hitting 17.16%. Clackamas county has not seen a price increase this large since January 2017, where prices rose 18.83%. 

North Coastal Counties
I’m going go over the Northern Oregon Coast market next week as the information has not been released. I'll include some highlights of Octobers market. 

New listings (184) increased 8.9% from the 169 listed in October 2019, and increased 15.7% from the 159 listed in September 2020. Pending sales (219) increased 42.2% from the 154 offers accepted in October 2019, and increased 9.0% from the 201 offers accepted in September 2020. Closed sales (216) increased 25.6% from the 172 closings in October 2019, and increased 4.9% from the 206 closings in September 2020. Inventory and Total Market Time Inventory decreased to 1.3 months in October, the lowest on RMLS™ record. Total market time decreased to 66 days. Year-to-Date Summary Comparing the first ten months of 2020 to the same period in 2019, new listings (1,884) decreased 15.4%, pending sales (1,775) increased 11.7%, and closed sales (1,598) increased 6.5%. Average and Median Sale Prices Comparing 2020 to 2019 through October, the average sale price has increased 11.6% from $366,900 to $409,500. In the same comparison, the median sale price has increased 7.8% from $329,000 to $354,500.
Here are some quick home project ideas that may be more suitable for winter. Winter can be a great time to get things done as contractors often have much more free time which often translates to lower fee's and more options of professionals to chose from.

Here is an article outlining a few home projects more suitable for winter months! Now may be a great time to get some stuff done that you didn't get around to this winter. 

1. Seal up cracks around the house
2. Insulate the attic, ducts, and foundation
3. Maintain your heating system

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Here is another similar article with a few more winter home project ideas. I like the idea of sprucing up your laundry room/station and switching or refinishing cabinet hardware. I refinished a few old sets of cabinet hardware working on homes in the Laurelhurst neighborhood when I used to do construction. I spent hours/days stripping paint off all the old brass window/door/droor hardware. It was fun and turned out great! Here is one more article for ideas!

View Houselogic Article 

Own a piece of PDX history on the National Historic Register. Stratton-Cornelius House. Historic grand Queen Anne style masterpiece in Kings Hill district. A property I've put a lot of work into selling and have teamed up with Pienovi properties. With historically low inventory, I haven't held as many active listings as I have in the past, but the properties I've worked have been larger. Here is one of them.
Here are some fun areas to visit, if you are looking to stretch your legs. I have two big dogs and taking them to different parks has helped me stay sane through this last years lock downs. These areas are open and have been very easy to keep distance from others at all times. They are large open areas!

1,000 Acre Dog Park

Broughten Beach Park

Powell Butte National Park

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