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Dear neighbor, 

How are you? I hope you have been well. I do apologize for missing last week’s email. That was the first email I’ve missed in the year that I’ve been writing and sending these weekly real estate market reports. I shouldn’t have let it happen. 

I’ve run a slightly unorthodox real estate career. I had a lot of online marketing, web, and entrepreneurial experience before real estate, from the second I got my license I’ve had so many ideas on how to best build your business, and I had my own take on the industry and where it could be headed. I worked for Keller Williams for 2 weeks until I left to join eXp Realty because I believed in their online business structure, among other things. I said to all my realtor friends that eXp would be around till the end and that they should join. Many have. My stock was at around 18 dollars 2 years ago when I joined with eXp, it’s over 110 now. 

If you’ve followed my email, I’m sure you may have noticed many of the photos I feature (ALL taken by me) have been quite of a few lots of land, and multi-fam/commercial properties. One of my beliefs about the real estate industry is that as a result of technology and innovation that’s taking place, barriers that previously prevented realtors from selling and understanding any kind of property are going away. All the information is now available to anyone. At the same time, many aspects of all realtors jobs are being taken away by this innovation, but at the same time allowing us to do more. 10 years ago I would have had to hire a helicopter pilot every week to take my header photo, now I can put the drone up for 30 seconds in the middle of a dog walk. Charley doesn’t try and go after it anymore either.

I’ve worked so hard on so many projects that I ended up stepping away from, only to pursue another. It hurts a little. It has taken a toll. I have a lot of ideas. This email, and how most of us met, has been one method that I’ve pursued to meet people, make connections, build my real estate business for the long-term AND HELP PEOPLE. I implemented this method after my very difficult first year in real estate when I thought basic residential realtors looked like they had it easy. In my first year in real estate, I listed some of the most difficult properties a realtor could. It was a nightmare, but I learned so much.

As my real estate career has continued to progress, and the land/commercial side of my business grows larger than I would have thought, I’m being hit with a difficult decision. I am going to take a step back from my weekly Portland-Metro Market Report so that I can give that side of my business the attention I need to… FOR NOW. I’m going to continue this email in the future, in some form. I’d love for to see you then.

Outside of temporarily halting the weekly Portland-Metro Market report till I rebrand/reboot at a later date, I’m still always around to help you. If anything home related comes up you’re trying to problem solve, feel free to give me a call or text anytime! I’d love for you to stay subscribed and to hear from you then.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Portland-Metro Market Report. I’ll talk to you soon!

Best Regards,

Evan Zener 
Strong|Edge Realty Team w/eXp

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