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Issue #61                                                                       June 2015

I remember when my mother would cook liver and onions at the request of my father; the whole house smelled weird. My mother complained about it the whole time, so when it was time to sit down to eat, I didn't have much of an appetite for this strange meat.

Other times, my sister and I would open the refrigerator to be greeted by a large tongue on a plate-- my father would slice it up for a sandwich along with some mayonnaise and fresh garden tomato. 

Chicken gizzards and rice were a real favorite! I LOVED the rice, but the gizzards were a challenge-- I remember chewing and chewing... AND CHEWING... while the mass in my mouth never shrunk. Not very good memories of these foods at all!

But now as a natural healthcare practitioner who is in search of nutritious super foods for myself and my clients, I often recommend dessicated organ products. And as I learn more, I am finally ready to start incorporating these foods into my diet... but I still cannot fathom eating them prepared in the same way that my mother used to do. In fact, I plan to CAMOUFLAGE these items in our daily meals! As a disclaimer, my mother was an excellent cook, and the majority of my family mealtime memories were very pleasant! :)

Most people know that the liver is high in iron, but did you know that it is also high in Vitamin B12?  The Doctrine of Signatures also comes into play where the organ of an animal benefits the same organ of the human. Our ancestors understood this-- nutrition was simple:
  • Low immunity? Eat an adrenal gland-- they are rich in Vitamin C!
  • Heart issues? Eat a heart-- they are full of CoQ10!
  • Hormone imbalance? Eat a tongue--- they contain choline and zinc
Perhaps the cost of these cuts will motivate you. Organ meats are very economical....when purchased at the store. In supplement form, while effective, they are expensive! 
So, what do you say? Afraid to give it a try? Check out these recipe ideas-- I plan to try the Crock Pot Beef Tongue with Roasted Pepper Sauce this week!

Meanwhile, read The Mystery of B12 Imbalance to learn how to optimize your absorption and assimilation of this essential nutrient. If you suffer from low energy, nerve issues or anemia, you don't want to miss this!


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On a fairly regular basis, people ask me to recommend a holistic dentist. I know two people who I recommend without reservation:
  1. For basic preventive care and regular cleanings, I go to Shelby Kahl in Fort Collins. She is a recognized expert in her field, often lecturing around the country on oral health. And when you go to see Shelby, you will receive an education about your teeth and overall health. She is a very knowledgeable and gifted holistic hygienist!
  2. For either basic preventive care, regular cleanings or more advanced needs such as fillings, root canals, extractions or crowns, I recommend Dr. Frank Becvar in Longmont. He is a very competent holistic, mercury-free dentist who also specializes in removing and replacing mercury amalgams from the mouth. 
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