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Ebola & Acne

Issue #43                                                                         October 2014

The deadly virus Ebola characterized by these symptoms is now in the U.S., thanks to modern transport-
ation.  Our government has unsuccessfully tried to allay our concerns by saying that Ebola would never come to this country (1), but even
before the first case on American soil, the government had put a bid on 160,000 hazmat suits. (2)  I don't know about you, but that really doesn't set my mind at ease! Even scarier is the truth that the U.S. CDC holds the patent on Ebola-- what?  How can you patent a virus... unless it is manufactured? The most sobering fact is that "if an Ebola outbreak arrives in YOUR city, you are on your own. Government won't be there to save you," (3) because THERE IS NO CURE FOR EBOLA, (4) other than a strong immune system! And the mortality rate is as high as 90% according to some sources!! "Because the western medical system only promotes drugs, surgery and vaccines, it has no solutions to offer outside those realms. And currently, there are no vaccines or drugs that have been shown to be safe or effective at treating Ebola." (5) Even if a vaccine was developed, "the Ebola virus mutates rapidly in the wild, evolving new mechanisms for surviving and spreading. Hundreds of different strains of Ebola have already been documented since the outbreak began in Africa." (6)  "Vaccines can only target a single strain or a small group of related strains. So even if a vaccine is manufactured and released, it will by definition already be months behind the evolutionary curve of viral strains circulating in the wild." (7)
So, are you ready to take your health in your own hands since you can't count on the government or the medical establishment to take care of you?
Ebola is an adenavirus, and colloidal silver has been shown effective against Tacaribe virus (TCRV), which is closely related. See p. 20 of this unclassified presentation of a study that demonstrates that silver nanoparticles (a new technology that is more advanced than old-fashioned colloidal silver production without the risks of argyria or "blue man sydrome") are effective against a prototype adenovirus by inhibiting its replication.  And 10ppm silver nanoparticles were bactericidal, "which is promising in light of the growing number of antibiotic resistant bacteria." (8)  This study shows the effectiveness of nanosilver against the monkey pox virus. Check out  this link for a list of scientific studies on nonosilver technology, how it works and its inhibitory effects against specific pathogens.  The government must be convinced that this technology works, otherwise, why would they be confiscating colloidal silver and essential oils? (9)
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Of course, the best defense against any disease or illness, including Ebola and even cancer is YOUR OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM!  Fortunately, the government can't take that away (unless you allow them to... but that is a discussion for another time.)  Every issue of New Vitality News is packed with information about how you can improve your health, and the same principles that apply to restoring and improving health apply to building a strong immune system:
1) Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of pure, clear fluids every day (water, herbal teas, broth). Your mucus membranes are one of your first lines of defense, so they must be adequately hydrated in order to function properly.
2) Eat 5+ servings of vegetables, especially leafy greens daily.
3) Balance your blood sugar through a low-glycemic diet.  This means limiting carbs and avoiding processed foods.
4) Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night.
5) Manage your stress with lifestyle and adaptagenic herbs & supplements.
6) Take immune-boosting supplements, particularly calcium-- yes, I said CALCIUM. Here's why.  Here is a list of studies that demonstrate the necessity of ionized calcium in bodily tissues for optimum immune function.

Let's face it, most Americans do NOT eat enough nutritious food on a daily basis to keep their bodies immune to even the common cold or flu, so how are you going to overcome the Ebola virus if it strikes you and your family? A very important step to take both preventively as well as if you do become sick is to employ this secret weapon: THE IMMUNE TRIAD by Standard Process. Download a copy of my Effervescent Immune Power Cocktail which contains these ingredients.
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So, what about Ebola & Acne? One key to acne-free skin is controlling bacteria in the body and on the skin, and SilverSol does both.  Read about the other 7 keys in my blog called
8 Keys to Acne-Free Skin.


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