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Sex Drive for Women
vs. Men

Issue #35                                                                              June 2014

There are at least four aspects of sex that need to be addressed when female  libido is languishing. One great herb that covers a multitude of bases is Licorice Root.  What?  Those chewy candy ropes that people either love or hate?  Well.... yes and no.  I am talking about the herb called Licorice Root, and while most brands of
licorice do NOT contain the herb itself, many quality brands do, such as Newman's Own and Panda (both of which are carried at The Crunchy Grocer in Loveland).  If you don't like the black variety, try cherry, raspberry and even blueberry-- the natural brands still contain the beneficial compound called glycyrrhizin which has positive benefits for blood sugar management and adrenal support. If you happen to be in the minority and love black licorice candy, try this unique brand of crunchy bits that are simply 100% licorice root extract with no other ingredients.

But aside from the candy, Licorice Root in capsules, tea (also carried at The Crunchy Grocer) or tincture form is an excellent aphrodisiac and adaptogen (for stress management).  Because of its broad range of action, Licorice Root is one of my favorite herbs to use with clients.  A few additional benefits of Licorice Root include:
* Quenches thirst
* Soothes sore throat & chest, loosens phlegm
* Normalizes menstruation
* Anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory
* Supports the adrenals, liver & pancreas for blood sugar management
* A sugar substitute (50 times sweeter than sugar cane)
* Burns visceral fat
* Heals the gut, ulcers, etc.
* Increases circulation

With the last benefit, I offer a word of caution.  Due to the glycyrrhizin in Licorice Root (including the candies and teas I mentioned above) can elevate blood pressure.  So, if you are hypertensive or struggle with fluid retention, then look for a deglycyrrhizinated form of Licorice Root, or DGL. 

On the flip side, the ability to increase blood flow is what makes Licorice Root an excellent mojo modulator!

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