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Integrative Cancer Therapies

Issue #62                                                                          July 2015

If you follow me on Facebook, you have likely read the posts about my father being diagnosed with cancer. Just like any other healthcare issue, the root is a deficiency of some sort, resulting in a compromised immune system. Four years ago, he was diagnosed with State IV kidney failure, and he bounced back 

miraculously to the surprise of his nephrologists, never receiving a transplant nor dialysis. Beginning with his natural healthcare practitioner at the time, transitioning to me, and all the while continuing with regular visits to his nephrologist, he has been able to go from only 11% kidney function to around 45% today. But all the while, he has been weak and low in energy, needing regular erythropoeitin and Arenesp shots. We have thought this was due to his compromised kidney function, but now we know that it is myelodysplasia (5Q- MDS), a form of red blood cell cancer, has likely been developing for years now. 

So, while I have been trained in Preventing & Fighting Cancer Holistically, I have never dealt with it face-to-face. This trial will be a real test of my faith, knowledge, and abilities as a practitioner. We are opting for an integrative or complementary approach with Revlimid (a "chemo" pill-- but not really-- it does not suppress the immune system like regular chemo, but rather it stimulates your natural killer cells, increases apopstosis, and prevents the formation of new abnormal cells) combined with a multi-pronged alternative approach involving diet, pH balancing, detox, lifestyle changes, and nutritional supplements that:
  • oxygenate
  • stimulate stem cell & red blood cell production
  • stimulate the immune system
  • increase apoptosis
  • differentiate cancer cells from healthy cells
The "chemo" pill will not cure his disease, but it will buy us time while we search for a solution and get to work. 
Over the course of the next several months, I will be sharing the results of my research as well as the results with my father. My hope is that this will help many people who are afraid and fighting for their lives or the life of a loved one.

Read about the first of several amazing natural therapies for cancer in my blog: The Jekyll & Hyde of Phytates. You will be surprised to learn that phytates are not all bad after all.


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On a fairly regular basis, people ask me to recommend a holistic dentist. I know two people who I recommend without reservation:
  1. For basic preventive care and regular cleanings, I go to Shelby Kahl in Fort Collins. She is a recognized expert in her field, often lecturing around the country on oral health. And when you go to see Shelby, you will receive an education about your teeth and overall health. She is a very knowledgeable and gifted holistic hygienist!
  2. For either basic preventive care, regular cleanings or more advanced needs such as fillings, root canals, extractions or crowns, I recommend Dr. Frank Becvar in Longmont. He is a very competent holistic, mercury-free dentist who also specializes in removing and replacing mercury amalgams from the mouth. 
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