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Celebrating National Women’s History Month Honoring 2 Legacies in Women’s Ministry Service
Elect Lady Alberta Saunders
Apostle Kristie Holtsclaw

To close out National Women's History Month, we are honoring two great women of faith and longstanding ministry service.  Lady Elect Alberta Saunders and Apostle Christina Holtsclaw. Click below to learn about these outstanding women and future plans we have for honoring their legacy. 

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Proverbs 31:10 (KJV)
Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV)
[22] But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, [23] gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

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10 Virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman

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National Women’s History Month
by Dr. Donna Saunders & Rev. Jean Leak, RN, LCPC

We salute our honorees, Mother Alberta Saunders & Rev. Dr. Christina Holtsclaw! We're not finished with these amazing women as we will be devoting an entire live show to their life and legacy on the RSO App in the very near future, so STAY TUNED! Coming out of the month of March which is National Women’s History Month and going into April, which focuses on National Public Health, we’re going ‘kill two birds with one stone’ in next month’s issue by continuing to celebrate women and deal with a common issue facing us… SUPERWOMAN BURNOUT. Don’t miss it and DOWNLOAD the RSO App to get a jump on our facts and tips. Join the conversation by getting on our App’s chat. Once again, we celebrate all of you amazing women (including our readership) for your lives and priceless contributions to our world in making it the best place it could be with your salt and light.

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RSO Admin

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We Honor:
Elect Lady Alberta Brockington Saunders

Alberta Brockington Saunders, native of Baltimore, Maryland, is the Elect Lady of the United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) and the Transformation Church of Jesus Christ (formerly the First United Church of Jesus Christ, Apostolic) founded by her husband, the late Dr. Monroe R. Saunders, Sr., Chief Apostle.  As the mother of six children, thirteen grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren, and seven great-great grandchildren, she fulfills that all-important role of family matriarch, evidenced by her character and devoted loyalty to Christ’s service and personal betterment.
She, in her own way, pointed the way to educational values when she matriculated at Morgan State University as a Home Economics major while she was still faithfully rearing her children.  She has not only cared for her own children, but has been a mother to numerous youngsters who have come to live in her home over the years.  The generosity of her heart is inexplicable. 
Largely due to her willingness to sacrifice her time, delay her goals, and model patience, diligence, and humility in the service of ministry (sometimes at her own expense), her husband was able to establish the world-wide United Churches of Jesus Christ, headquartered in Baltimore, Md. and the Monroe R. Saunders Center for Creative Learning, a Christian school also established in Baltimore.  Her devotion to God first and to her husband, empowered him, Dr. Monroe R. Saunders, Sr. to exemplify and demonstrate in his multiple leadership roles both in the church as well as the community at large, that ‘Salvation combined with education is a brilliant combination’ (quote by the late Dr. Betty Showell-Tyson). 
Without losing her own identity as the unfettered support to her husband, Mother Alberta Saunders has been influential and instrumental in introducing women, men, and youth all over the globe to the ‘deeper life’ where individuals have come to experience the transformative Presence of God.  Her richness of spirit and insight into God’s Word demonstrated in her ‘deeper life retreat’ ministry has taken Mother Saunders all over the world conducting workshops, seminars and retreats. The theme of her life is – “I GIVE MY LIFE TO THE GLORY OF GOD!”
In a world where values of right and wrong are so vast and the identity of women is often diffuse, role models of grace, godly character, and commitment to service like Mother Alberta Saunders are priceless and should be celebrated.
We honor the life and living legacy of Mother Aberta B. Saunders. Celebrating Amazing Women during National Women’s History Month.

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We Honor
Reverend Dr. Christina Phillips- Holtsclaw

Reverend Dr. Christina Phillips- Holtsclaw was born in April, 1924, to the late Emburs and Bertha Barnes in Nancemond County, VA. She was the 3rd child, but 1st girl born to her parents. When she was 4 years old, they moved to Baltimore, MD. Her parents had a total of 13 children. She attended Baltimore City Public Schools. In 1965, she received her Bachelor's of Arts Degree from Morgan State University, majoring in Secondary Education. 
Dr. Holtsclaw's ministry began with a Sunday School on the corners of Holbrook and Biddle Streets in 1967. She studied the Bible for many years and attended the Deliverance School of Religion under the late Apostle Arturo Skinner of Brooklyn, NY, where she was ordained as an Evangelist in 1968. In 1969, she became the Pastor and founder of the East Baltimore Deliverance Evangelistic Center, Inc. in 1972 she was the 1st female to be hired as Area Manager for CBN 700 Club ( Pat Robinson) for the Baltimore/Washington area. She worked for them until 1987. In 1987, she received her Master's Degree in Counseling and Guidance from Loyola University. In 1989, she received her Doctorate of Ministries from Family Bible Institute. In 2000 Dr. Holtsclaw was ordained as Apostle Christina Holtsclaw by Dr. Bill Hamon of the Christian International Ministries in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.
Presently, Dr. Holtsclaw at 91 years old and still GOING STRONG!! (She will be 92 in April, 2017).  Among her many roles in leadership and ministry is that of Apostle and Overseer of East Baltimore Deliverance Church (EBDC), Founder and Principal of the Community Initiatives Academy (founded in 1981), Director of Community Initiatives Daycare, and teacher of Pre-Marital and Marriage Classes for EBDC as well as the Purity Class for children ages 9-12. Dr. Holtsclaw is also active in the community as member of the NAACP and numerous other organizations and groups. Recently, she, along with Pastor Marvin Winans and a few other local leaders made a cooking dvd, sponsored by the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association with the Black Church as its targeted audience. 
In addition to her active public ministry, Dr. Holtsclaw does her best to keep up with her daily health regimen of praying, reading the Bible, exercising, eating healthy meals and resting on schedule. She doesn't take ANY medications, but does take supplements daily. Through preaching, teaching, and counseling as well as a daily regimen of tending to her personal relationship with God and to the health of her body and mind, Dr. Holtsclaw  models what it means for a women to maximize and reach her potential as a servant of the Lord ALL the days of her life.  RSO celebrates the long life and living legacy of Dr. Christina Holtsclaw as another Amazing Woman during National Women’s History Month.

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