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Industry: Jewelry

"Asiga was chosen as our sole 3D printing solution for it's amazing resolution and build quality as well as the outstanding customer support." Scott Joinville, LDC, Inc.

Company:    LDC, Inc.
Location:     East Providence, RI
Reseller:      Proto Products, USA

3D Printers:  Freeform Pico, PICO2 39, PICO2 50, PRO 75
Printing:        Rings, Bangles, Charms, Pendants, etc.

1. How long have you been using your Asiga 3D printers?
1.5 years

2. Why did you choose Asiga?
Asiga was chosen as our sole 3D printing solution for it's amazing resolution and build quality as well as the outstanding customer support.

3. Which features do you like most about your Asiga 3D printer?
Easy to maintain and calibration is a breeze. The ability to print down to 10 microns a slice allows for amazing resolution in compound curves.

4. What benefits does your Asiga 3D printer bring to your production processes and business?
In the amount of time it takes a traditional model maker to make one ring out of metal, we can print 20 copies of the same ring on just one machine.  Having the ability to produce high-res prototypes means less time cleaning on the bench and more time spent printing new pieces.

5. Are you using a third party resin?  If so which one and why?
I use:

Primarily, PlasGray and PlasPink are used here at LDC.  The part durability is great right off the printer and the models hold up well in vulcanized molds.  On the rare occasion we choose to do an investment casting, SuperCast v3 resin allows for high quality builds with superior burn-out in the mold.

6.  If you could introduce a new feature to Asiga's 3D printers or software, what would it be?
The ability to automatically array supports (say through the use of something similar to a "line tool") would be incredibly useful.

Asiga update: Thanks Scott.  This has been fed back to our software engineers for review. Watch this space!

7. Would you add another Asiga 3D printer to your production process?
Yes.  With four Asiga printers already in-house the space would be tight, but I'd love to get my hands on a PICO2 HD.  The resolution on those machines are unrivaled.

With thanks to Scott Joinville from LDC, Inc. for your time providing insight into your company and how our 3D printers are being used.
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