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1. Lush Tongue: Sound Meditation, Improv and Musings #25

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Lush Tongue: Sound Meditation, Improv and Musings #25
Tuesdays at 8pm EST

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Today I went outside, chanted with the trees, and shared some insights about the collective evolution of humanity in these turbulent times of lockdowns, shutdowns, breakdowns, as well as breakthroughs. There is so much that feels typical, and so much that feels unprecedented, all at the same time. I touched on that experience of multiple co-existing realities more in this video.

As you all know, I'm a big proponent of the Magical AND the Practical. So I'll share an ongoing list of resources here that align with my core values, for inspiration and direction on actions that you can take yourself, and / or support and signal-boost actions that others are taking in pursuit of transforming the world toward a greater quality of life for all. More to come!


Do Good Things With Power

Off the Mat Into the World

Undoing Racism: People's Institute for Survival and Beyond
2. Eight Ways of SeeingI Will Wade Out UPDATE

We, as a group wanted to stand in solidarity with our friends, families and community and have updated our concert presentation to reflect the current situation.

On June 5 at 8pm EDT, we will be presenting:

Litany for Survival by Audre Lorde
A poem about the necessity of speaking courageously in the face of fear. Each member will draw upon lines of the poem which speak to them in the moment and create a rich, layered ‘Moving Star’ soundscape. 

I Will Wade Out by E.E. Cummings.
A poem about envisioning a better world. It was created as a collaborative work combining live performance and layered recordings. Each member of Moving Star created a single vocal recording, a ‘seed’, and one by one we passed the seed from hand to hand. As the composition seeds from other members landed in our hands, we each added textures, harmonies, and rhythms before they returned to their creator.

As a multicultural and multidimensional vocal ensemble, we seek to embrace the opportunity to embody the change we desire to experience in the world. We hail from various heritages, culturally and musically and together we create a unique ‘voice,’ One that is light-filled and hopeful.

June 5, 8pm
Facebook LIVE

Green Room/Q&A 
ZOOM (Stage Door)
Meeting ID: 812 5937 6972

venmo:  @worldinonearts

Performers pictured from left to right:
Emily Eagen
Mark Ettinger
Bonita Oliver 
Thomas Cabaniss
Sasha Bogdanowitsch 
Tim Kiah 
Nilusha Dassenaike 

Concept by Nilusha Dassenaike 
Co Direction by Nilusha Dassenaike, Sasha Bogdanowitsch and Bonita Oliver 
Audio and Visual by Mark Ettinger 

Moving Star Artistic Director: Thomas Cabaniss 
Audre Lorde
ee cummings
3. Blogs and Bookings

I appreciate that the insights I share through the Lush Tongue Tuesdays are engaging and  inspiring for so many of you! Thank you for subscribing, especially my day ones who have been enjoying my newsletters since my "Onometopoeia" days. (You can imagine the mis-spellings with that one.) I am in the midst of switching webhosts, and you will soon be able to access my newsletter essays as blogs on my website:

I also appreciate what it takes for you all to take the leap into exploring and strengthening your own voices, your risk-taking capacities, and your courage muscles by investing in a voice session. Book an introductory session to get a taste of how deep your vocal exploration can go!

According to a recent testimonial, "Through intention, mindfulness and energy, Onome supported me in becoming aware of different aspects in which sound and breath resonate within me. She was very attentive and intuitive."

$40 per participant for an introductory 40 minute session.

Click the button below to schedule a session.
Book a Private Vocal Session
4. Open Sing Online!

June 14 (Second Sundays of the Month)
7pm ET
Via Zoom

RSVP to to get the Zoom link and details.
$20 suggested donation, through World in One Arts, at

Thank you to all the wonderful participants from all over the world who joined us for our most recent Open Sing Online! Join us again on June 14, because you want to keep your expressive and communal juices vibrant! It's so easy to slip into isolation and passive consumerism in these times. Take back your creativity and sing with a wonderful and compassionate community of vocal enthusiasts.
5. Covid-19 Resources

Here is a comprehensive and ever-evolving list of resources available for those who are dealing with Covid-19, from good news-makers all over the world: mutual aid cooperatives, economic grants, home remedies, online communities, wholeness mindset work, yoga poses, and more. Please pass this information along!
211: Essential Services
Coronavirus Resource Kit
Coronavirus Economic Impact (Stimulus) Check Info
Crisis Counseling from SAMHSA
Distance Resistance Facebook Group
Database of Localized Resources During COVID 19 Outbreak
Iyengar Yoga Poses for the Respiratory System
You Can Heal Your Life Audiobook
Who is Onome?
Onome is a vocalist and interdisciplinary sound artist of Urhobo heritage in the Niger Delta. She incorporates improvisation into her practice as a tool to expand consciousness, creativity, and personal development. Through her audience-interactive performances, workshops and sound installations, Onome embodies joy, enchantment, and infinite possibility. She is a partner artist at Carnegie Hall as a core member of the vocal improvisation ensemble, Moving Star.

She has performed sound poetry at hundreds of venues nationally, recorded soundscapes for podcasts, and created vocal film scores. She received her MFA in Performance Studies at Pratt Institute. She is the artistic director for Lush Tongue, a vocal improvisation project where sound, creativity, self-discovery, connection, and joy converge through singing—via sound healing sessions, workshops, vocal coaching, retreats, and concerts. She got her start in spoken word poetry and opera via Nuyorican Poets Cafe and New York University, and now facilitates community vocal immersions at concert halls, conferences, galleries, museums, schools, cultural centers, shelters, prisons, parks, churches, wherever voices gather.
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