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We are at the halfway point of the year. How are you doing thus far? 

The 2020 theme of vision has emerged in surprising ways, namely in the rising consciousness among a critical mass of the U.S. populace in recognizing the need for a more inclusive, egalitarian paradigm in this society. Each of us are at different stages of releasing thought patterns of fear, insecurity, scarcity, all of which tend to heighten the perception of each other as sources of threat. We're also on uniquely personal paths to transmuting our fear, expanding our vision and embracing our power, which is available to us even in our moments of greatest despair and disconnection.

There has been a wave of difficult conversations - in public and in intimate spaces - about the domination paradigm as a whole, particularly through the lens of race, class, and gender: conversations that are heart-breaking and heart opening. Here's the good news and bad news: you must go through the breakdown to get to the breakthrough. 2020 has been a year of breakdown, of rupture, of ideological land mines detonating in all directions. There are several go-to scripts that serve to shut down these necessary conversations:

"I thought we were over these issues."
"Those atrocities happened a long time ago. Get over it."
"I never personally did anything to harm any group of people. Why should I feel guilty?"

And the four words that have invalidated the experiences of so many brown-skinned people all over the world: "I don't see color." 

Let's take a leap of imagination, open the throat chakras, and dig for deeper truths, possibilities, and understanding. Instead of "I don't see color," ask yourself "what do I see?" Ask yourself "what becomes possible if I do see color?" Say to yourself "I see the beauty of all colors." Say to yourself "Even though I don't consciously assign specific negative perceptions to people based on their skin color, I understand that a brown-skinned person exists in a world where millions - maybe billions - of other people do project those perceptions onto him or her. I also understand that I may do that as well, sub-consciously." 

Good news: consciousness evolution exists on an infinite spectrum. There is no pinnacle in which you arrive, free of bias and egoic wounds. It's an ongoing process to learn to see. It takes work to see and embrace the multi-dimensionality of the human experience: the personal, the political, the spiritual, the metaphysical, all layers of existence.


1. Lush Tongue: Sound Meditation, Improv and Musings #29

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to view the latest episode.
Lush Tongue: Sound Meditation, Improv and Musings #29
Tuesdays at 8pm EST

Make a contribution through Venmo, or Cashapp:

Venmo: Lush-Tongue
Cashapp: $LushSoundHealing
Suggested Contribution: $10-$20
All amounts welcome!
A few weeks ago, I shared a pre-recorded version of Lush Tongue: Sound Meditation, Improv and Musings. It felt good to mix it up, so going forward, I'll continue to alternate between lives and pre-recorded videos on Tuesdays at 8pm ET. I may also share additional content from time to time. Thanks for your support!
2. One-on-One Voice Sessions

$40 per participant for an introductory 40 minute session.
Click the button below to schedule a session.

Shift from silenced, to richly self-expressed. Shift from apprehensive and self-conscious, to wildly enthusiastic about singing. Shift from avoiding the spotlight, to taking risks and being seen.  Book an introductory session to get a taste of how deep your vocal exploration can go! We'll explore breath, tone, vocal and emotional range, how to listen to and follow your creative intuition, and areas of your life where you desire to unblock your self-expression.

According to a recent testimonial, "Through intention, mindfulness and energy, Onome supported me in becoming aware of different aspects in which sound and breath resonate within me. She was very attentive and intuitive."
Book a Private Vocal Session
3. Covid-19 Resources

There is a slow and (in some places) cautious re-opening of businesses. If you live in the United States, I recommend calling 211 for the most up-to-date info. Here is a comprehensive and ever-evolving list of resources available for those who are dealing with Covid-19, from good news-makers all over the world: mutual aid cooperatives, economic grants, home remedies, online communities, wholeness mindset work, yoga poses, and more. Please pass this information along!
211: Essential Services
Coronavirus Resource Kit
Coronavirus Economic Impact (Stimulus) Check Info
Crisis Counseling from SAMHSA
Distance Resistance Facebook Group
Database of Localized Resources During COVID 19 Outbreak
Iyengar Yoga Poses for the Respiratory System
You Can Heal Your Life Audiobook
Who is Onome?
Onome is a vocalist and interdisciplinary sound artist of Urhobo heritage in the Niger Delta. She incorporates improvisation into her practice as a tool to expand consciousness, creativity, and personal development. Through her audience-interactive performances, workshops and sound installations, Onome embodies joy, enchantment, and infinite possibility. She is a partner artist at Carnegie Hall as a core member of the vocal improvisation ensemble, Moving Star.

She has performed sound poetry at hundreds of venues nationally, recorded soundscapes for podcasts, and created vocal film scores. She received her MFA in Performance Studies at Pratt Institute. She is the artistic director for Lush Tongue, a vocal improvisation project where sound, creativity, self-discovery, connection, and joy converge through singing—via sound healing sessions, workshops, vocal coaching, retreats, and concerts. She got her start in spoken word poetry and opera via Nuyorican Poets Cafe and New York University, and now facilitates community vocal immersions at concert halls, conferences, galleries, museums, schools, cultural centers, shelters, prisons, parks, churches, wherever voices gather.
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