Why didn't the CBA attend today's meeting ?


Joint Statement by LCCSA, CLSA, CBA and BFG

The CLSA and LCCSA and BFG met with Mark Fenhalls on Tuesday 21st July 2015. The purpose of the meeting was to update the CBA as to the change of direction in the action taken by solicitors. Solicitors have now been taking action since 1st July 2015 and some firms are starting to have severe financial problems. The leadership of the organisations were concious that changes needed to be made so that the action could be sustained in the long term if necessary, but easing cash flow problems for firms. This change is of course entirely a matter for the Solicitors, but as part of our desire for a better and positive relationship with the CBA leadership we were keen to update them.  We explained the rationale behind this change.
At the meeting we discussed whether we wanted the CBA to attend the meeting at the Ministry of Justice.  Our original letter requesting a meeting with the Lord Chancellor had only sought a meeting with the CLSA, LCCSA and BFG. We said we would like the CBA to attend as an observer. Mark said that one of the officers may be able attend and he would make enquiries re availability. We never heard who was proposed and we amongst many other committments did not chase it up or contact the MoJ to ask whether the CBA might also attendThis is why the CBA were not formally invited to the meeting.  Both sides regret the confusion and misunderstanding and wish to stress that no one was snubbed, and no one withdrew from attending.   
We are keen to continue to work with the bar and welcome their support with no returns. We hope no offence is taken and we can continue to develop a new positive relationship with the CBA leadership

Jonathan Black

Immediate Past President
Nicola Hill

Vice President
Julian Hayes

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Greg Foxsmith

Training Officer
Diana Payne

Hon. Secretary
Jenny Wiltshire

Hon. Treasurer
Tim Walker

Law Reform
Tony Miesels

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Melanie Stooks

Sandra Dawson
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