New! Advanced PLC Training System
Build students' knowledge of PLC programming 
environment and languages
Picture of the Advanced PLC Training System
     Programming high-end Rockwell PLCs and touchscreens
The new Advanced PLC Training System allows students to acquire hands-on experience with industrial control equipment. 

Students learn how to program, establish communication, and transfer projects to a PLC and a touchscreen. Objectives include: 
  • Familiarization with Studio 5000 and FactoryTalk View Studio
  • Understanding PLC operation and addressing
  • PLC programming in four different IEC 61131 languages:
    • Ladder Logic
    • Sequential Function Chart
    • Function Block
    • Structured Text
  • Designing human-machine interfaces
  • Troubleshooting
  • High-quality learning package at an amazing price 
  • Industrial components of the latest technology:
    • CompactLogix 5370 controller
    • PanelView Plus 7 graphic terminal
    • Stratix 2000 industrial Ethernet switch
  • Rockwell software and hardware used in actual factories.
  • Examples corresponding to real PLC applications
  • Portable, rugged suitcase
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