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Breaking NEWS: County Commission says NO to Common Core
On February 18, 2014:
The elected County Commission of Bradley County voted 9 to 4 to adopt a strongly worded Resolution Against Common Core:


Last week, Tennessee parents emailed you the breaking news about Bradley County School Board's Resolution and told you that:
The Bradley County School District is in Cleveland, TN (east of Chattanooga).  Bradley County ranks above-average on test scores and above-average on graduation rates compared to other school districts in Tennessee.

This Resolution comes from the elected County Commission of Bradley County, who wanted to support their School Board, but also send a Resolution "with more teeth" to Nashville.  

Rumor has it that the Bills to repeal Common Core (
HB2332/SB2405are being blocked by the chairs of the House & Senate Education committees (Rep. Harry Brooks & Sen. Delores Gresham) from ever reaching the House and Senate floor for votes.  However, the number of co-sponsors on the bill are growing, and pressure is coming from local districts to force these through.
So, TN parents, keep it up!  

Parents, click HERE to contact legislators.  Ask them to sign on as a co-sponsor to HB2332/SB2405 to repeal Common Core.  

You can also forward these Resolutions to your locally elected School Board and County Commission and ask them to adopt them, too:
Click HERE to download the Bradley County School Board Resolution
Click HERE to download the Bradley County Commission Resolution

We've heard other brave school districts in TN are working on their own Resolutions against Common Core.  If your district is one of them, please let TN Parents know so we can let help get the word out.  Parents are eager to hear good news, especially since the media is strangely silent on these issues.  Many people have responded to our emails and through our website telling us how much they appreciate our emails, blogs, and links so that they know what is going on across the state.

Bradley County created a huge splash, but their ripples are being felt all over Tennessee.  There are undercurrents brewing in every district, and Bradley County is leading the way.  

Thank you, Bradley County leaders, for your wisdom and courage!

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