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          10th Edition July 2014 

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In This Issue:

• It's time to be active
• Focusing on tourism
• New  member: Hot Holiday 

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Hiratsuka Tanabata Fetsival. photo by Zengame. Creative Commons Licensed
It's time to be active:

Finally we have a summer-like weather here in Estonia.  Our team is pleased to hear from many of you that you enjoyed a great midsumer weekend and the Song Festival.

The month of July is packed with festivities in Japan as well.  To start off there is Tanabata - a celebration of Vega the princess and Altair the prince can meet once a year over the Milky Way which separates the couple.

In this issue we would like to shed a light on the businesses which are based on those who visit the region.  Tourism is a growing sector and the news reports state that the hospitality business is constantly enjoying high occupancy rate even in the low season.  JECC is not only looking at the hospitality sector but also other tourism and leisure related businesses such as transport, gastronomic establishments, breweries, distilleries, sport / culture / nature / health-related activities and so on who wish to connect with the hospitality sector and the travel agencies who arrange tour packages.  

We have been in touch with several Japanese travel agents, publishers, universities, sport federations and so forth in order to determine what they are looking for from the potential Estonian partners.  Some of you may have already been enjoying a well-established connection between your Japanese clients and have gained a lot of know-how while to many businesses this is still like moving into uncharted territory.  

Focusing on Tourism:

JECC is partnering up with the Japanese travel agencies in order to assist Estonian tourism related businesses to make the most out of the curious visitors who wish to experience this country to the full extent.

There are so many advantages of promoting your services to the Japanese tourists as they are generally polite, clean, adaptable, curious, have respect for the local customs, punctual, positive, grateful, generous, easy to look after.

However Estonia being a day trip destination from Helsinki the local tourism sector is not benefiting enough.  JECC is here to offer assistance, with a help of the Japanese travel agencies, to the Estonian tourism related businesses regardless of their size.

A wide range of businesses will benefit:

- hospitality/accommodation (hotels, B&B, farm stay businesses, spa and health resorts, country lodges, home stay services etc.)

- transport (intercity bus companies, river/lake cruise businesses, rental cars and caravans, fishing boats, yachts, hot air balloons, aerial tour operators, ferry services, shuttle bus companies, charter bus companies, mini tour bus companies etc.)

- gastronomic (restaurants, fruit/honey farms, ice cream factories, breweries, distilleries etc.)

- recreation/sport (country clubs, stables, rental canoe businesses, ski and skating facilities camping tour operators, bird watching tour guides etc.)

- ceremonial and events (wedding services, photography/film makers, honeymoon tour operators, folk music festivals etc.)

- also many other businesses and their partners. 

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New Member:  Hot Holiday Pty. Ltd.

We are pleased to announce our new member: Hot Holiday Pty. Ltd.  

This online travel agency has been catering for the Japanese customers for their optional tour needs. The company has branches in Tokyo (Japan), Sydney, Cairns (Australia), Dubai (UAE) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). The company is now looking for contacts and partners in Estonia and the neighbouring countries.  The company is also interested in creating a dedicated page for this region.  If you wish to know more about this company please contact JECC.

JECC is a not-for-profit association of businesses engaged in trading with Japan.  JECC is also a place where Estonian businesses - who are not necessarily looking at the Japanese market - can also help fellow Estonian businesses with their expertise.  For more information please write us.
MTÜ the Japanese - Estonian Chamber of Commerce (JECC), registrikood 80365394, is a not-for-profit non-governmental association of businesses, organisations and individuals operating with the membership fees.
日本 - エストニア 商工会議所 (JECC)は非政府の非営利団体として皆様からの会費によって運営されています。
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