April 15 Big Hole Watershed Committee Monthly Meeting, Divide, MT

April 15-17 Montana Natural Resource Damage Program Conference, Fairmont Hot Springs

April 23-24 Clark Fork Symposium, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

May 28 Wetland and Watershed Steward Award Ceremony, Helena, MT

May 31- June 5 18th International Soil Conservation Organization Meeting , El Paso, TX

June 15-17 AWRA Summer Specialty Conference on Climate Change Adaptation, New Orleans, LA 

July 25-26 4th Annual Big Sky Fly Fishing Film Festival Big Sky, MT

August 26-27 MWCC Annual Training, Butte, MT

August 28 Big Hole Watershed Committee 20 Anniversary Celebration, Fairmont Hot Springs

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Congratulations 2015 Wetland and Watershed Stewardship Award Recipients!

Montana Ducks Unlimited, Inc
Since their first project was delivered in Montana 1984, Ducks Unlimited has been at the forefront of wetland conservation in Montana. Over the last 30 years, DU has worked state-wide to deliver more than 500 projects that have conserved nearly 70,000 acres of Montana’s wetlands and associated grasslands.  Ducks Unlimited’s network of members and volunteers, over 7,000 strong in Montana, provides the grassroots funding base to fuel a diversity of projects that includes wetland restoration, land protection and public policy work.

Wetland and Riparian Mapping Center, Montana Natural Heritage Program
After nearly 10 years, the goal of creating a statewide digital wetland and riparian mapping layer is within reach thanks to the dedicated team at the Montana Natural Heritage Program’s Wetland and Riparian Mapping Center. New digital mapping based on high resolution aerial imagery has identified more than 2 million acres of wetlands and 600,000 acres of riparian areas in Montana. Managers, planners, scientists, and watershed groups now have fast, free access to information on the type, size, location, and distribution of wetland and riparian resources.

Kris Newgard, Kootenai National Forest Hydrologist, Three Rivers District
Kris Newgard has been a champion of the Yaak Headwaters Restoration Partnership since its inception in 1999. Kris has consistently led the partnership through her firsthand knowledge of the watershed, commitment to its restoration and dedication to her job. Through her leadership numerous multi-discipline projects have been implemented stabilizing and improving the health of the Yaak watershed and the streams south of Troy. Not only does she inspire those she works with, but she has set a precedent for future work in the Yaak valley.

Musselshell Watershed Coalition
Formed in 2009, the Musselshell Watershed Coalition (MWC) is a partnership of individuals, organizations, and agencies working towards whole basin management through collaboration along the entire length of the 342 mile Musselshell River. Four water-user groups, several conservation districts, and state and federal agencies across the Musselshell, Golden Valley, Wheatland, Garfield and Petroleum counties are all actively engaged in the coalition. MWC has become the default forum for addressing many important river management issues within this vast watershed.

The award ceremony will be held at the State Capitol on May 28th. Come celebrate their achievements!

For more information about the recipients and the award ceremony, click here.

Cast Your Vote for Community-led Responses to Water Conservation

Proactive, community-led, collaborative approaches to water conservation are the way of doing business in Montana. The Blackfoot Challenge is one of many watershed groups coordinating this approach in the state, and was recently nominated as a finalist to receive an award recognizing the success of their Drought Response Program.

Support the Challenge and the community-led response to drough
with one click!

Votes may be cast once per day until May 15.
Upcoming Webinars

April 23rd, 1:00 pm EST
Brick by Brick : How Water Quality Models are Developed
This is the second of six webinars sponsored by the EPA and 
will introduce the key steps in the model-building process, including Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs), model selection, model setup, calibration, error/uncertainty evaluation, and model acceptance for decision-making. Click
here to register.

April 28th, 11:00 am MST 
Board and Executive Director Relationships
This webinar is primarily for Board members, and it will focus on strategies for clarifying Board and staff roles, conducting staff performance reviews, managing transitions, and navigating personal issues. Click
 here to register.

April 28th, 1:00 pm EST
The Oregon Model: Case Studies in Strategic Watershed Council Partnerships and Watershed Restoration Planning 
This webinar will share the direct impacts of the Oregon model on watershed health, as well as a specific case study from the Willamette Basin that illustrates how diverse partnerships and innovative mechanisms are created for landscape-scale watershed conservation and restoration actions. Click
here to register.
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