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Welcome to the first edition of our e-newsletter. The accounting software industry changes quickly with fantastic new products and updates always coming out.  We’d like to keep you up to date not only with what we are doing but also on our recent work and the systems that we have partnerships with. 

What we have been up to

Nicole – In between meeting with clients I have been spending time on finding more solutions for my clients. I will keep you updated through this newsletter and also Facebook. When I’m not tapping away on my computer I have been enjoying watching the kids grow up and far too quickly. No more Saturday sleep-in’s, I am now hanging out at the soccer fields. How life has changed!

Bonnie- As we speak Bonnie is on her way to China to do the Half Marathon up the Great Wall. Go Bonnie it's only 2500 steps! She will be away from the office until 2nd June.

New Premises

We are now located in nice sparkly premises at 189 Montreal St. We are upstairs in the Noordanus Architect building sharing with our architect friends. Great 60 minute parking outside, so if you are in the area do pop in.


Since our city changed in 2011, every workplace, be it trades, services, designers, consultants, or professionals, has also changed dramatically. Effective systems are the only way that it’s possible to manage work processes effectively. At Equation, we’re not only Xero Consultants but also now software consultants. Our clients love Xero but it is not a full solution for a lot of you, so adding on systems give you the full solution you now need.
We sit down with our clients, listen to your needs and then determine what will be the best fit for you and your budget. From there we either implement the systems for you or support you through the transition, managing the implementation.

Change Management

We are finding we are needing to educate our clients more about Change Management when they are converting onto new systems.

What exactly is Change Management?
A structural approach/ methodology to minimise the impact and distraction of shifting from new processes/ procedures.
Hamish at Texture Group Limited  has agreed to share the experience of his company as they transitioned from a paper and Cashbook system to Xero and WorkflowMax. 
Texture Plants have multiple parts to their business. They sell plants and instant trees through Texture Plants. Lush Lawns ready to roll out to instant lawns and compliment these products with professional landscape, design and construction services.

Hamish says that he could see the potential growth in the business, but realised that the current paper system was not going to do the job. He shared his thoughts about the implementation process with us.

"We could see that writing on the wall and realised that we needed to embrace technology and move forward with this vision.
After talking to a business associate who was already using Workflow Max and we had heard Equation were the people to use we arranged a meeting to determine if we could get the system to work for us.

I took my right hand men to this initial meeting with Equation. My theory is plenty of heads are better than one. I wanted it to be a joint decision and needed their buy in. As far as I was concerned if they were not going to buy into this then it wasn’t going to work.

One of my staff expressed his concern, based on a previous experience, that he didn’t want a system that works  for the business owner but not the staff that will be using it every day. This same staff member was not very competent with using a computer.
Throughout this meeting Equation demonstrated how the system would work for him on a daily basis and instilled confidence that it would do what he was wanting.  We decided to implement these systems in our low season so we knew that we would have the time and energy to learn and embrace it before the peak season kicked in. We knew it was not an overnight process.

After several meetings with Equation we had a process that we wanted to implement on Workflow Max and Xero. Equation came in and trained our staff and we proceeded to take small steps to get in and learn to use the program.
Now we are in boots and all and really benefiting from the time we are saving.  We’re finally seeing the big picture and we think of all the trees we are now saving with much less paper!

Everyone is using the same data and can see where all the jobs are at.
Business never stands still and I believe you should always evaluate your systems, otherwise you just get left behind. We are still tweaking and making changes but know we have the right software that can manage our growth into the future.”

My staff member who had questions around the change has fully embraced it and would never go back to the old system, while his computer skills have improved dramatically.
As a business owner I have respect for staff’s different learning styles and abilities. If someone is positive I am willing to invest in that learning time with them to get the outcome that we need.

We learnt to make lists, ask each other questions and just get into the program and have a go.  We always knew Equation were there to support us through the process and they were just a phone call away.”

At Equation, we  really enjoy working with the team at Texture Group. We love the way they embraced the change and managed the hurdles as they went along. They understand the process that is involved and have taken the gradual steps needed.
Plan> TeamEngageExecute> MeasureImprove and they keep revisiting some of these areas.


Xero Tips and Tricks Event

Equation in conjunction with DJCA are running a Tips and Tricks Event
Thursday 19th June 2014 at 4.00pm
Come along and get some Xero tips or come armed with some questions. Myself and Dave Jessep would be happy to answer these for you.
It's free, the BNZ EPIC lounge is super warm and comfy and we'll be dishing out some great advice - what have you got to lose!
We'll head down to St Asaph Street Kitchen for a drink on us afterwards too. See you on the 19th!
Register Now
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Nicole and Bonnie



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