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Warren Stephens
With over 12 years experience working in the forestry industry, Warren decided to turn his job into a career and upskill to become a Forestry Manager.

Click here to read more about Warren and how NRAIT, through the Education Scholarship and Grant programme, is helping him realise his ambitions.

When we asked Turoa what he has learnt about being Maori and who told him about his whakapapa and NRAIT, his answer was "Kia mau ki ngaa taonga i tuku iho oo okuu tuupuna.  A toonaa waa , kia whakaako Te Reo Maaori me ngaa mahi a Rehia me Taane Rore ki ooku Iwi."

Click here to discover more about this dedicated young man.


Did you see us at this year's Road Show? Did you meet Ivan and Nichola as they travelled around the country to visit you and your whanau? Click on the picture above and tell us what you thought of the Road Show.  How would you improve it?