You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. -Max Ehrmann

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Pink Moon Tea Ritual

The Pink moon of April has always been my favorite. It receives it's name from the cheerful pink flowers called ground phlox.  This particular full  moon is highly potent as it is in a full lunar eclipse. So use that energy to you highest good - releasing any negativity that has accumulated over the last week, month or year and making space in your beautiful soul garden for  positivity to grow.
To do this meditation you will need to purchase or collect from nature, pink flowers of all shades and sizes.One white place mat, doily or beautiful linen or lace napkin.
Fancy teacup and saucer. Tea of choice – I prefer a blend with a bit of Hibiscus in it, as it will trun the water a delightful pink color.
Find comfortable place near a window (or outdoors if weather permits). Begin to arrange your flowers around your tea cup. (See image for inspiration).


Take a few moments here to ground and center yourself. In the light of this beautiful full pink moon lift the tea cup to your lips. With each sip make an intention to release something from your life. For example, " with this sip I wish to release negativity associated toxic relationships". With each subsequent sip release another aspect by saying it out loud before you sip your tea.
Continue this practice of release until your tea is gone.

Deep sigh of release.

Moonlight News!

Spring Break! I have put the shop on vacation mode for the remainder of April. Thank you for your patience and support as I regroup, refocus and refresh!

Be sure to keep your eye open for next months newsletter as I will have a big announcement.

A little tea time musing...
Tea Leaves may be soaked in a bucket of water for an hour or two, the water then poured through a strainer, and use for washing varnished woodwork of all kinds.

Have a wonderful remainder of April and Happy Pink Moon!

Steep, Sip. Love. Repeat.

Lindsay Luna
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