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What's happening, Kentville?

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In the News

On June 8, 2018, after serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force for over 20 years, Mayor Sandra Snow was appointed an Air Force Honorary Colonel.  Click the photo to read the full story on the Town's Website!

See what's NEW on Kentville's YouTube Channel!

Parks and Recreation
Watch this cool video about the newest "Kentville Plays" initiative and learn all about the play boxes found around town!   

For more information on Camps and other fun Summer Programs contact the Kentville Recreation Department!  902-679-2540 or 

Planning and Development

Building Permits issued May 2018


The Town of Kentville is seeking proposals from businesses, groups, organizations or individuals, for the redevelopment of 374/376 Main Street.  View the full RFP on the Kentville website by clicking the image above.  

Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw Review

In 2014 the town initiated the review of our planning documents, we called it “Envision Kentville: Planning for tomorrow – today”.

The draft Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By Law are the products of three years of public consultations and a variety of studies. These documents are a proactive response to change and growth, and realizing the challenges the Town faces now and into the future. 

These documents are being presented to Town Council at the CAC meeting on July 9th 2018.  There’s still time to have your input heard! We will be hosting Public Hearings in the near future to explain our new draft documents and the intent behind them and we would love for you to come out and be involved in the process! 

Read way more about this process on our website

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact the Director of Planning and Development:
Beverly Gentleman

The Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Planning Strategy documents have undergone a review by committee.  Learn more in this video!  (click image for link to YouTube)
Notes from Town Council 
The next meeting of Town Council is June 25, 2018 at 7:00 pm. 
The next meeting of Council Advisory Committee is July 9, 2018 at 6:00 pm at Town Hall. 

All meetings of Council are open to the public. Meeting minutes and agendas can be found on the Kentville website.  Visit the minutes and agendas page here.  Meetings are also live streamed on the Town of Kentville's Facebook page, and those videos are also available on the website the day after the meeting.

Your Town Council wants to hear from you!  Email  or view more Council info on the Kentville website here
Missed the June CAC meeting?  Not to worry, watch a re-cap on our YouTube channel!  (Click image for link).

Governance Minute – 10 Rules for Members of Council 1-5
This month we will look at the top five rules for members of council courtesy of Municipal World.  Every member of council needs to prepare themselves for those occasions when they will be the focal point of criticism, ridicule, and controversy.  Learn quickly and remember.  Learn quickly and remember the old adage, “Those who do not learn from the lessons of history are condemned to re-live them.”
1. Learn to listen with interest
When talking to a ratepayer or another councillor, “listen up” and listen carefully.  Too many councillors get in a hurry to inject their personal thoughts and get in their “two cents” worth.  Do not rush it!  Discipline yourself to listen attentively and with interest, and look the speaker right in the eye.  Size them up!  Silence is the safety zone of conversation.  Nothing is more frustrating to a ratepayer than to think that you have tuned out.
Summary – Discipline yourself to listen with interest.
2. Learn the skill of asking questions
Learning how to converse by asking questions puts you in control of the conversation.  For example: If a ratepayer or councillor is getting too long winded, do not show your irritation.  Inject a few questions, such as: “Mr. Wilson, if what you say is correct, how do I reply to the arguments of the residents in the north part of town who have the opposite view point?”
By this tactic, you start to take control of the conversation without offending Mr. Wilson.  If he replies, “Just tell them to go to hell,” then he has blown his cover, and you have every right to end the conversation.  If you want a real kicker, you can respond with this question: “May I tell the people at the north end of town what you just said?”
Summary – Avoid direct confrontation. Reply with a question.
3. How to get someone to stop talking
Suppose a ratepayer (or councillor) is rambling on.  One way to put them on the spot is to comment: “Sir (councillor), we have been listening to your comments. Would you please summarize your points so that I can write them down?”  This approach is good strategy.  You have not destroyed your relationship with the speaker, but you have certainly put them on the defensive. The key words are: summarize your points; and so I can write them down.
This approach is particularly important.  The speaker is forced to get down to the nuts and bolts of the argument. Chances are, in summarizing, the speaker will realize that they have only one or two points – regurgitated many times.  By saying “I want to write them down,” the speaker will pause and immediately realize he or she is being put on the spot.
Summary – You can often end a conversation by asking the speaker to summarize his or her points.
4. When addressing council, get your facts right
If you decide to go out on a limb, make sure you have got all your facts straight. If not, you are toast!  Make phone calls, inquire from municipal staff – they can be of great help.  If you do not get your facts straight, your credibility will take a disastrous fall.  It may be a long time before you can work yourself back into the confidence of the other councillors.
Summary – When addressing council, make sure your facts are correct.
5. Do not waste your gun powder
Occasionally, new councillors will attack the mayor/reeve or other councillors in the belief that they are standing up for their constituents.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Electors want you to call it as you see it, but they do not want to see a personal vendetta on council.  You were not elected to carry on a feud with your colleagues. You were elected to govern responsibly, not criticize indiscriminately.  There is a difference.  If something is said by a fellow councillor that positively infuriates you.  Do not yield to temptation!  Give yourself time to collect your thoughts.  Keep a straight face, and do not show any emotion.  If you are really put on the spot and everyone is looking to you for a reply, pause.  You might respond with “Your Worship, please do not interpret my hesitation as indicating my consent or approval of what was said. I shall respond at the appropriate time.”  If you want to show your contempt for the speaker, a more skillful way might be as follows: “Councillor Brown, I find your point of view to be completely unacceptable,” or “Your Worship, I have grave misgivings about the councillor’s statement,” or “Your Worship, I must wholly disassociate myself from Councillor Brown’s remarks.”
Summary – Keep your cool. Keep your stick on the ice!



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