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Dear Norm's Friend,

I wrote a whole newsletter last week about buying a new car (which I just did) and had clever tips and suggestions written up and everything. But it wasn't hitting right, and as the week went on the customer service got interesting. The car is great, I love it and no issues there, but after you give someone a big chunk of money, you expect them to follow through. So here's 3 Things to keep in mind after you get the sale...

  1. Don't Beg - This sure seems obvious to me (not Hank...), but when I finished buying my car, the salesman showed me a form and asked if there was any reason I wouldn't be able to give him all 10's (the highest rating) on a customer service email I was going to get in a few days. I get this as a salesperson- if you get all 10's there's extra bonuses involved and it looks good. And he did a great job, so I said of course he'd get all 10's. And then I drive away in my sweet new ride. And the next day, I get a follow up/thank you email from him. AND HE ASKS ME TO GIVE HIM ALL 10'S AGAIN. Dude, chill, cuz those 10's aren't gonna happen if you BEG for it. Don't beg. Educating is okay, but begging is NOT cool.
  2. Go out of YOUR way, don't make me go out of mine- The finance gal that I worked with to do all the fun paperwork was on day 2 of the job. She came from a different dealership and didn't know all the forms 100%. In many ways this worked to my benefit because she wasn't pushy, she was just hoping to get everything right. And then she called the next day and asked if I could come sign a form she forgot. I couldn't get there for 2 more days and said I would come then. And then she called me back 10 minutes later and said she could drive over to my house and meet me and have me sign the forms. Yup, if you need something from me, and it's your fault you need it, please can come and get it!
  3. Be Helpful- I had a couple questions about my car (like, how come when I hit preset #2 it calls some woman who I don't know?) so I emailed my sales guy to ask about it. And I got an out of office reply, bummer. It DID give me the name of someone to contact, so I called the next day and talked to that person. Who was not at all helpful. And then this week (when he's back from vacation), I still haven't heard from him. Complete the circle in any situation, make sure your clients and customers have no reason to give you anything but a 10!
The car is great, and the car buying experience went really well for me, but make sure even after you get that check you don't forget to make sure your clients have everything they need and all their questions/concerns taken care of.

Elizabeth & Hank
Hank's Sweet New Ride!

An Update on Hank!

Hank is doing GREAT! He loves his new car and his arthritis is getting more manageable by the day. He can now (again) zip up and down the stairs (hooray!) without help. We're starting to increase the walks and hope to be back to regular walks soon!
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