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Last week I wrote my newsletter with "3 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Business Going During these crazy times." (It was a working title...) And then over the next couple of days and through the weekend things continued to evolve and I also saw a lot of newsletters coming out talking to small business owners about what to do right now. I was doing my best not to panic when my workout studio closed today for the week and I realized what we all really need are some good ways to survive this quarantine and social distancing we're in now. So instead of inspiration for your business, this month I have 10 Pop Culture Recommendations to make it through the quarantine and social distancing. 
  1. The Outsider (HBO) - I finally finished this creepy series yesterday. It's based on a Stephen King novel and it is REALLY good. A great cast and a great binge worthy story.
  2. The Morning Show (Apple+) - My husband and I finally finished watching this series and it was SO GOOD. Watching Steve Carrell as a predator was really weird. 
  3. The Unicorn (CBS) - I've talked about this show on my blog but it is so sweet and lovely and wholesome. If you need something NICE, this is it.
  4. Post Apocalyptic/near future Fiction - you need to read a book my friend. If your imagination wants to spiral a bit - 3 of my favorite post apocalyptic books right now are Station Eleven, The Testaments and The Power
  5. Reading for Fun - Here's my 2019 Goodreads challenge list. I missed my goal but still read some great books last year. If you need inspiration you can scope out my list here. I also just finished The Family Upstairs which was really great and an easy read.
  6. Mayor Pete hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live - This was super fun and light hearted. Mayor Pete was guest host while Kimmel was out and he got to interview Patrick Stewart which was SO FUN since the mayor is evidently a major Trekkie. Enjoy something nice and sweet.
  7. Happy Music - the new Lady Gaga single, the new Justin Timberlake single and the Jonas Bros are keeping me going right now.
  8. Sports Podcasts - I know, weird for me especially since there's no sports happening currently. But - I needed a non-political podcast and 30 for 30 is helping. And I'm excited to check out Hall of Shame from Crooked Media which tells crazy sports stories. Can't wait to listen on my daily dog walks this week.
  9. Ugly Delicious (Netflix) - The second season is only four episodes and yes we DID binge them in a day. Worth it. And then take some time to order delivery/pick up from a local restaurant that is STRUGGLING right now.
  10. Parks & Rec - This show is my comfort food. When things are weird sometimes you need something comforting to watch. Whatever it is, binge that show for you, have it on in the background while you're making dinner or baking or scrolling the internet.
What pop culture recommendations do you have right now? What is going to keep you sane while things are most certainly not normal? I'd love to hear and may even share them in my next pop culture round up!

Wash your hands, telecommute if you can, and if you needed my original newsletter topic on keeping business going, let me know and we can setup time to chat about what would work for you right now.

Elizabeth, Norm & Cliff!

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Norm & Cliff

The pups are doing great and checked out a new doggy daycare this weekend! We LOVE our doggy daycare but like to have other options as backup - plus this new one is open on weekends. After only 4 hours the pups both took a nice long nap yesterday... 
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