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Hey Norm's Friend!

August has been a great month here at Yellow Dog Consulting. Clients are keeping me busy, people are working and connecting in this town, the AC is on full blast and Hank is enjoying the warm weather and a few road trips! I had a meeting the other day with someone who wanted to talk about having better systems in place. In any business you need to have good systems in place for sales and follow up. So, here are 3 Easy Ways to Follow Up. No more excuses, you're losing business because you aren't following up, and you know it! 
  1. LinkedIn - This is SUCH an easy way to connect with someone. Did you go to a networking event and collect a bunch of business cards? You may not have a business reason to meet with them (yet) but you'd like to connect with them and keep them on your radar? LinkedIn is a great spot for this! Make sure to include a personal note and do it quickly so you're still fresh in their mind (I try to do it the day after the networking event). This also works for Facebook if that's where your audience and demographic is. But be aware that we aren't all on Facebook, and some keep it personal, so don't be hurt if you don't make the cut.
  2. Email or Call - I prefer email, but if the phone is your thing, go for it. "It was so nice to meet with you yesterday, just a reminder about the services I offer and mentioned to you..." I landed a new client the other day and it happened quickly because as soon as we hung up I sent a quick follow up note outlining what we'd just discussed and included my rate and proposed budget for the project. A half hour later I had a green light to send over the contract and get working! 
  3. Announcements - You may have a list of prospects that you aren't sure when to follow up with them again. I heard again last week it takes 4 Interactions for people to do business with you. Do you have a new product or service? Send out a quick announcement to your contacts and let them know - the time might be right for that new client to connect with you.
I know I talk about follow up ALL THE TIME. I'll back off once people do it consistently, I promise. In the mean time, take a quick look at your systems and see if you need to adjust. The new client last week? They mentioned that I've always been good at keeping in touch with them. Besides the newsletter I send out regularly (hint, hint) I hadn't talked to them in over a year.

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Elizabeth & Hank

Yellow Dog Blog!

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