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Hey Norm's Friend-

The past few weeks have been rough here at Yellow Dog Consulting and in the Case house. On October 1st we made the difficult decision to give Hank his wings. I am so incredibly grateful to my clients for understanding, it pays to have amazing clients who are also animal people! I had a tripped plan the day he got sick and had to cancel my meetings at the last minute. 

The other day a friend emailed me and ask if I knew the status of a freelancer that we had engaged for a project together, and then my friend had hired again. This freelancer (like entirely too many!) had gone AWOL in the midst of a project. It's one of my biggest pet peeves and something that happens entirely too often. I have not been on my A-game with clients this month, and I am grateful that they have been gracious about it. AND, I was up front about it. So here are your 3 Reasons to be Upfront:
  1. Expectations can continue to be met - I had to email my clients to let them know my trip was cancelled and I didn't know when I'd be up or able to reschedule. I let them know I would let them know as soon as I could. I also asked them to let me know if they needed anything from me and I'd get to it as soon as I was able. Luckily I had just done this as I was preparing for the trip so there were no fires to put out!
  2. You get the break you need - I let my clients know the next morning that I was taking the day off and would be back to work the next week. I wasn't sure when during that next week it would be, but on Monday I was cleaning up my inbox and taking care of some of my work tasks, and taking time for me. I am still getting back to the swing of things with some of my work, but all of my clients are being taken care of, by me. 
  3. They Understand - many of my clients and colleagues have lost a pet them self - so they were incredibly gracious and understanding of my situation and desire to watch bad tv and eat lots of carbs.
As a freelancer, consultant and solo-prenuer it's awesome that you get to make your own schedule, take vacation when you want, drink beer at lunch (without getting in trouble), and work with who you want to work with. BUT, you're only going to be successful at it if you communicate when things go to crap and you need a minute for yourself. Don't go off the grid them come back expecting everyone to be okay with it. Let your clients and colleagues know you need a couple of days and you'll be back. You don't have to tell us why, but you do need to tell us. 
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