Marie Curie ITN 'ChangingEmployment' eNewsletter, Sixth edition (August 2015)

Welcome to the sixth edition of the ChangingEmployment eNewsletter

Although we are now in the summer period, the penultimate in our ChangingEmployment programme, we still have over a year to run, finishing at the end of November 2016.  The upcoming annual colloquium to be held in Strathclyde this November will be the last time everyone meets as the full programme team before they present their final work next year. And while summer is a period when everyone can usually try to quietly get on with writing and completing their field work and secondments, many ESRs are also involved in major international social science conferences in Canada, the Czech Republic and Finland.  This is quite a considerable commitment by everyone highlighting the substantial efforts and substantive outcome of their field work.  The latter includes publication in the Marie Curie ChangingEmployment research paper series edited by Professor Dora Scholarios, Dr Kirsty Newsome (recently moved to Sheffield University), Professor Paul Stewart, Dr Olena Fedyuk, Dr Maria Richea and Claire Scott.  In addition a number of ESRs have already had their work published in a range of international social science journals.  The work of Dr Fedyuk and Richea is sheparding ESR work into good collective books to be published next year (2016) and in addition the eBook by a number of the seniors in the network on the rise of the sociology of work in Europe is being pulled together by Dr Richea with a another meeting due to take place in Paris in the Autumn of this year.

This issue of our Newsletter was compiled and edited thanks to the great efforts of Mateusz Karolak (ESR8, Wroclaw) and Claire Scott (Programme Manager) and contains detail of upcoming events in which the ESRs and ER and involved together with notes of highlights of activities to date,

Professor Paul Stewart, "ChangingEmployment" Programme Coordinator
University of Strathclyde

"Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Cham
This edition of the eNewsletter was edited by Mateusz Karolak (ESR8) – University of Wroclaw

Theme 1

Management and Employees: Find out what theme 1 ESRs have been doing since the last eNewsletter more

Theme 2

Management and Employees: Find out what theme 2 ESRs have been doing since the last eNewsletter more

Theme 3

Employee wellbeing and work life quality: Management and Employees: Find out what theme 3 ESRs have been doing since the last eNewsletter more

ESRs report local news on work, employment and migration

Marie Curie fellows share the latest from public discussion from their home and host environments. 
Find out more...

Upcoming events, call for papers

Changing Employment Research Paper Series - Call for Papers, read more

WORK2015 – New Meanings of Work, University of Turku, Finland, in 19-21 August 2015

ESRC Seminar 6 - Future of Regulation, University of Strathclyde, Scotland, 17 September 2015

Migrants in the City: New Dynamics of Migration in Urban Settings, 12-13 October, University of Sheffield

II Congreso “Trabajo, Economía y Sociedad – “Crisis y desigualdad: Alternativas sindicales” 22-23 October 2015, Madrid

29th Cardiff Employment Research Unit Conference - European Works Councils at Twenty: Assessing their Work, Impact and Prospects – Cardiff Business School, Cardiff (UK), 29-30 October 2015.

Social boundaries of work. The varieties of informal work in contemporary societies”, Wrocław 12-13 November 2015. Possibility to register for passive participants

Third ISA Forum – “The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World” - Vienna, Austria, 10-14 July 2016. Abstracts submission before 30 September 2015

XV Journées Internationales de Sociologie du Travail 2016 – « Crisis and Worlds of Work »/  « Crise(s) et mondes du travail », Athens, 11-13 May 2016. Abstracts submission before 15 October 2015

International Labour Process Conference, "Working revolution, revolutionising work" - WZB Berlin - 4-6 April 2016 Deadline for abstract submission: 17 October 2015
Writing in the sciences - a free online course at Stanford University begins at 1 September 2015

Reading's Corner

Casas-Cortes, M., Cobarriubias, S., and Pickles, J. (2015) “Riding Routes and Itinerant Borders: Autonomy of Migration and Border Externalization”, Antipode, Early View (Online Version of Record published before inclusion in an issue) available on-line

Crouch C., (2004), Post democracy, Cambridge: Polity Press. - Read the review

Fanon F., (first published 1952) Black Skin, White masks

Fraser N. (2013) Fortunes of Feminism: From State-Managed Capitalism to Neoliberal Crisis. London: Verso

Papadopoulos D. and Tsianos V. (2013) “After citizenship: Autonomy of migration, organisational ontology, and mobile commons.” Citizenship Studies 17(2):178–196

Papadopoulos Y., (2013), Democracy in Crisis? Politics, Governance and Policy, Political Analysis Series, Houndmills Palgrave Macmillan.

Tronto J., 2013, Caring Democracy: Markets, Equality, and Justice, New York: NYU Press

Vidra Z., Baracsi K. and Sebhelyi V. (2015) Child Trafficking in Hungary: Sexual Exploitation, Forced Begging and Pickpocketing by – the whole book is available on-line

Weil D., (2014), The fissured workplace – Why work became so bad for so many and what can be done to improve it, Cambridge, Harvard University Press. – Read the review

Changing Employment ITN Outputs

The Changing Employment ITN outputs are now available in searchable format on our web-site

ESR Personal Reflections

Each of the Marie Curie Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) reflect on their experiences since the last newsletter in March 2015. They discuss the programme, their changing lives and experiences. Find out more...

Changing Employment Network Events

Changing Employment Session at conference in Gijón, Spain
Several Marie Curie fellows have presented their research to the thematic session “Changing Employment” at the 17th World Economy Meeting in Gijón, Spain on 4 June 2015. The conference was hosted by the University of Oviedo, ESR2 Mona Aranea and her supervisor Holm-Detlev Koehler have organized the Changing Employment Session. Early Stage Researchers Sara Lafuente, Dragos Adascalitei, Mona Aranea and Nina Sahraoui presented papers on labour market segmentation, labour reforms and trade union strategies.

The second part of the film school in Budapest
In May 2015 members of the Theme 2 "Inclusion and Exclusion” took part at the CEU in Budapest in the second part of the Film School organized specifically for “Changing Employment” and “Integrim” Marie-Skłodowska Curie Networks. Under the supervision of professional filmmakers Klara Trencsenyi, Vlad Naumescu and Šimon Špidla the ESRs learned how to edit earlier collected footage.
During the Management/Supervisory Board and Training Group meeting in Budapest (March 2015), the participants discussed the progress of each of the themes and students, and planned upcoming events. The ER1 project report was completed by Dr Maria Richea and so were the podcasts of the students.

The participants debated over the plans for Annual Colloquium scheduled for November 2015, concerning the presentations of students’ progress with their doctoral works, and the arrangements for Open Day. The meeting was an opportunity for ER1, ER2 and ER3 to meet and exchange experiences.

Upcoming Network Events:
A stream with five sessions on the  “Work Practices and the Quality of Work” during the Conference WORK2015 – New Meanings of Work, University of Turku, Finland, in 19-20 August 2015. See the detailed programme p. 46

Two panel sessions on the “Inclusion, exclusion and precarious employment of migrant workers in Europe” during the 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Prague 28 August 2015. See the detailed programme   

Theme 2 “Inclusion and Exclusion” workshop devoted to the common book project. Ross Priory (Scotland), October 2015.

The third annual colloquium 'Research Findings' is planned for 23-25 November 2015 in University of Strathclyde, UK which will focus on early stage researchers research findings. As part of this event there will be a project open day, all are welcome to attend. Register to attend our our open day.

Blog Activity

ESR5 Karima Aziz's August 2015 blog post 'Migrant' vs 'Expat' – what do you consider yourself?

ESR7 Ben Egan's June 2015 blog post No More Mothers

ER3 Julia Kubisa's May 2015 blog post #WorkingIllegally - how to talk on work issues in documentary

ESR7 Ben Egan's May 2015 blog post Filming in Ireland

ESR5 Karima Aziz's May 2015 blog post One for all, all for one: three female migrant workers – my filming experience

ESR8 Mateusz Karolak's April 2015 blog post Solidarité avec les sans-papiers - undocumented migrants in Belgium organising themselves 

ESR12 Survey

ESR12, Laurens Deprez, University of Evry is conducting a study about the work-life balance and career of people working in the ICT sector. To obtain data he has made a survey in which he asks about the first and current job in the industry, experiences with stress, pressure and control, and some general career and sector related questions.

It would be extremely helpful if you would be able to circulate this link within your own network to relevant contacts.

Completing the survey is anonymous and takes about 15 minutes. The survey can be found at:
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