Marie Curie ITN 'ChangingEmployment' eNewsletter, Fourth edition (December 2014)

Welcome to the fourth edition of the ChangingEmployment eNewsletter

This is the fourth eNewsletter of the ChangingEmployment ITN brought to you by Dragos Adascalitei at CEU and Claire Scott, our Network Programme Manager based at Strathclyde. Having survived our mid-term review at Wroclaw in November everyone took a brief pause for breath - just a really brief pause! -  before returning immediately to the field or to begin their engagement in a range of training activities including film making organised jointly and with the participation of our sister Marie Curie network, INTEGRIM based at the CEU in Budapest.   

Our full Theme groups, 1,2 and 3 are now fully engaged in their thematic activities with a number of cross linkages are now in place including work on comparative employment relations (Oviedo, Leuven and ULB) and training initiatives.   Themes 1,2 and 3 are now preparing their projects which are to be presented in a number of academic conferences including Finland and the ESA conference in Prague in August 2015.  Some of the images of the Theme events, including the Wroclaw mid-term review are accessible on our Facebook page.

Theme 2 hosted the second "Sights and Sounds of Migration" at Strathclyde in early December and it was well attended.  The event highlighted the shocking plight of people trafficking in Europe with the movie, Far North.  This was followed by poetry, readings form Irish migrant workers travelling Britain in the 1950s and music from ChangingEmployment's very own 'occasional' band, Rhythms of Resistance (ROR).  Including from the host country Scotland, ROR is made up of musicians from a range of diasporas: from Ireland, Hungary, Nigeria and Australia. Some of the bands performance was captured in video and can be found on our Facebook page..
Yet again we hope that everyone can enjoy our work and feel able to contact our ESRs directly in areas that are of interest to them.

Professor Paul Stewart, "ChangingEmployment" Programme Coordinator
University of Strathclyde
Dan Perjovschi drawings mentioned in Capitalism Pure and Simple
This edition of the eNewsletter was edited by Dragos Adascalitei (ESR3) - Central European University

The Changing Employment network wish everyone a happy holiday season and very best wishes for 2015!

Theme 1

Management and Employees: Find out what theme 1 ESRs have been doing since the last eNewsletter more

Theme 2

Inclusion and Exclusion: Find out what theme 2 ESRs have been doing since the last eNewsletter more

Theme 3

Employee wellbeing and work life quality: Find out what theme 3 ESRs have been doing since the last eNewsletter more

ESRs report local news on work, employment and migration

Despite mobility, ESRs are getting more and more integrated in their host social realities and are willing to share some relevant news in this section! Follow the on-going-debates related to work, employment and migration in their host countries. Find out more...

Staff News

Welcome to ChangingEmployment ER3
The ChangingEmployment team is delighted to warmly welcoming our new Experienced Researcher Dr Julia Kubisa on our board. Julia will be appointed for the ER3 position at the University of Gothenburg starting January 2015. It’s a pleasure for us to have her as a colleague and we are very much looking forward to our collaboration and common work!

Call for papers, articles and contributions

International Conference "Social remittances and social change in Central Europe", Warsaw, 19‐20 January 2015.
ESRC Seminar Series, Regulation and the individual experience of work, University of Newcastle UK, 12-13 February 2015
The International Conference Gender, Culture & Migration 2015, University of Gdańsk, 6-7 March 2015
‘Polish Migrants' Experience of Life in the UK since 2004’, The School of Slavonic and East European Studies of the University College London, 17-18 April 2015
CRIMT International Conference May 2015
ILERA 17th World Congress – Cape Town,  7-11 September 2015

Readings' corner

Gaeta, L., Gallardo Moya, R. (eds) (2010): Los empresarios complejos: un reto para el Derecho del Trabajo, Editorial Bomarzo, Albacete

Glorious B., Grabowska-Lusinska I., Kuvik A. (2013), (eds.), Mobility in transition. Migration patterns after EU enlargement, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Hardy J. (Feb 2014), Transformation and crisis in Central and Eastern Europe: a combined and uneven development perspective, In : Capital and Class. 38, 1, p. 143-1550

Hauptmeier, M. and Vidal, M. (eds.) (2014): Comparative Political Economy of Work, New York: Palgrave McMillan.

ILO (2014): Spain. Growth with jobs. Studies on growth with equity, Geneva: International Labour Office. (also available in Spanish)

Katz, H.C., Darbishire, O., (2000): Converging Divergences. Worldwide Changes in Employment Systems, Cornell University Press, Ithaca and London.

Sousa Santos, B., Rodríguez Garavito, C.A. (eds.) (2005): Law and Globalization from Below. Towards a Cosmopolitan Legality, Cambridge University Press

ESR/ER Personal Reflections

Each of the Marie Curie Early Stage Researchers ESRs and Experienced Researchers ERs have continued to work hard on their research during the summer. Here are some of their personal reflections!
Find out more...

ChangingEmployment Network Schools and Upcoming Events

The fourth network school and second annual colloquium on the topic Comparative European Social Models took place in Wroclaw, 14-22 November 2014. the first two days included attendance at the "Social boundaries of work" Conference ( where our annual project open day took place with a poster session by ESRs. This was well attended with over 100 guests. Copies of posters as well as short filmed interview with ESRs will be available on the web-site early 2015.

The third annual colloquium is planned for November 2015 in University of Strathclyde which will focus on early stage researchers research findings.  Further information about this event will be available early in the new year.

In December 2014, the Theme 2 "Inclusion and Exclusion” took part in a Film School organized specifically for “Changing Employment” and “Integrim” Marie-Skłodowska Curie Networks. read more about the film school.

ER1, Dr Maria Richea together with Dr Adam Mrozowicki – the Chair of Changing Employment Training Board and Claire Scott – Changing Employment Programme’s Administrator are currently working on designing a forthcoming trainining programme on Project Management, aimed at providing Changing Employment ESRs with skills in research management and data analysis … hopefully under the Maltese Sun.

Other Upcoming events which network researchers are involved in are:

Blog activity
by Dr Maria Richea, Marie Curie Experienced Researcher, University of Evry

Watch out, ESRs/ERs are well skilled bloggers !!! Unexpected outcomes: never ending research puzzles and challenges for academic dialogue.

ER1 Maria Richea, blog post ESR1 Sara Lafuente Hernandez, blog post on:
ESR3 Dragoş Adăscăliţei, blog post on:
ESR4 Clara Aguila, blog post on:
ESR12 Laurens Deprez, blog post on:
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