Marie Curie ITN 'ChangingEmployment' eNewsletter, Seventh edition (December 2015)

Welcome to the seventh edition of the ChangingEmployment eNewsletter

Coming to the end of our third year of the ChangingEmployment Programme is a great time to reflect on what has been achieved so far.  Although we are now in the winter – always cold here in Glasgow (except for a few days in August!) the programme is still in its Spring.  The 3rd annual colloquium saw a great set of presentations from the ESRs and ERs and the Open day was a magnificent success.  Utilising a range of media including poster presentations and film, the ESRs and ERs presented to a gathering of around 70 people form both civil society and political society and large contingent of Journalism students form Strathclyde University. 

The books from the three theme teams are well under way with the lead ERs and Theme leaders already preparing for delivery to publishers.  There has been some considerable media interest with both social and third sector party interest in the future activity of the programme and the intended employment of the ESRs. 

This issue of our Newsletter was compiled and edited thanks to the great efforts of Nina Sahraoui, Karima Aziz (LondonMet) and Claire Scott (Programme Manager) and in addition to recording outstanding achievements also contains detail of upcoming researcher events.

Professor Paul Stewart, "ChangingEmployment" Programme Coordinator
University of Strathclyde

This movie shows vividly why human beings need to co-operate and to share. In the still on-going refugee crisis in Europe, a debate is rising on how much solidarity with non-Europeans the European Union can actually afford. Together with many trade unions in Europe (see for example the statements by German IG Metall and DGB in October), this network insists that solidarity does not have limits. The movie ‘Balance’ by Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein won an Oscar in 1989.
This edition of the eNewsletter was edited by Nina Sahraoui and Karima Aziz (ESR9 and 5) – London Metropolitan University

Theme 1

Management and Employees: Find out what theme 1 ESRs have been doing since the last eNewsletter more

Theme 2

Management and Employees: Find out what theme 2 ESRs have been doing since the last eNewsletter more

Theme 3

Employee wellbeing and work life quality: Management and Employees: Find out what theme 3 ESRs have been doing since the last eNewsletter more

ESRs report local news on work, employment and migration

Marie Curie fellows share the latest from public discussion from their home and host environments. 
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Upcoming events and calls for contributions

Changing Employment Research Paper Series - Call for Papers

Call for papers: From Global Justice to Occupy and Podemos: Mapping Three Stages of Contemporary Activism: Special issue of tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique. Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society

Call for papers to the Special Issue of European Journal of Industrial Relations on European Works Councils’ developments, deadline 15 December 2015

UCL conference (registration for free): ‘Socialism, Capitalism and the Alternatives: Lessons from Russia and Eastern Europe’, 14th-16th December in London. Speakers:  Thomas Piketty, Naomi Klein, Leszek Balcerowicz, Paul Mason, Chantal Mouffe and more.
Call for papers: International Gender Studies Congress - Gender Studies in Debate: Pathways, challenges and interdisciplinary perspectives, Institute of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP), University of Lisbon, 25-27th may 2016

Labour and Employment Relations Association (LERA) – ‘Equity and Prosperity: Employment Policy for the 21st Century’, Chicago, 6-8 January 2017 – Call for Papers now open until 9 March 2016!
European Regional Congress 2016 (ILERA), ‘The Future of Representation’, Milan, 8-10 September 2016 – Coming soon -
Industrial Relations in Europe Conference (IREC) 2016, ‘Changing Nature of Industrial Relations in Europe’, Izmir, Turkey, 8-9 September 2016 – Call for papers now open until 31 March 2016
XV Journées Internationales de Sociologie du Travail 2016 – ‘Crisis and Worlds of Work’ /  « Crise(s) et mondes du travail », Athens, 11-13 May 2016. Abstracts submission before 15 November 2015 (extended) 2500 signs)

Reading's Corner

Kopeček, M. and Wciślik, P. (eds.) (2015) THINKING THROUGH TRANSITION Liberal Democracy, Authoritarian Pasts, And Intellectual
 History In East Central Europe After 1989, CEU Press.
Todd, S. (2014) The People. The Rise and Fall of the Working Class 1910-2010.
Bieler, A., Erne, R., Golden, D., Helle, I., Kjeldstadli, K., Matos, T. and Stan, S. (2015) Labour and Transnational Action in Times of Crisis, Rowman & Littlefield International, Series: Studies in Social and Global Justice.
Nizzoli, C. (2015) C’est du propre! Syndicalisme et travailleurs du “bas de l’échelle, Marseille and Bologne, PUF.
Crouch, C. (2015) Governing Social risks in Post-crisis Europe, Edward Elgar Publishing.
Koukiadaki, A., Tavora, I., and Martinez Lucio, M. (2014) The Reform of Joint Regulation and Labour Market Policy during the Crisis – Comparative project report, University of Manchester, (Book publication forthcoming).
Erne, R. (2015) A supranational regime that nationalizes social conflict: Explaining European trade unions’ difficulties in politicizing European economic governance, Labor History, 56:3, 345-368.

Radek Polkowski's Image wins category in 2015 SGSSS Photo Competition

We are extremely pleased to announce that Early Stage Researcher, Radek Polkowski's image Divided Communities has been selected as Economy and Society category winner in the 2015 SGSSS Photo Competition.

ESR Personal Reflections

Each of the Marie Curie Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) reflect on their experiences since the last newsletter in August 2015. They discuss the programme, their changing lives and experiences. Find out more...

Changing Employment Network Events

The third annual colloquium 'Research Findings' took place 23-25 November 2015 in University of Strathclyde, UK.  This network event focussed on early stage researchers research findings. As part of this event there was the annual Steering Group Meeting, Management meetings as well as an annual Project Open Day.  This was the penultimate meeting of the network as a whole.
Associate Partners from International Labour Organization (ILO) and Cairde Teo attended the annual Steering Group meeting where members discussed the progress of the network, each of the three themes and the Marie Curie fellows.

The third year Project Open Day was a great success. In addition to a number of staff and students from Strathclyde, the event, which drew an audience of more than 60 people also included participants from a wide range of external social and commercial partners including the ILO (Geneva), CAIRDE teo (Armagh City), Glasgow university and Common Weal, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The presentations covered both the individual doctoral work from our early stage researchers and the network thematic team work. Using both conventional presentations and the medium of film, the work considered the changing character of employment in Europe from the perspectives of employees and employer social partners; migration and new communities; working life including employee well being. 
During 2015, members of the Theme 2 "Inclusion and Exclusion” took part at the CEU in Budapest Film School organized specifically for “Changing Employment” and “Integrim” Marie-Skłodowska Curie Networks. The five Changing Employment films were screened at the Project Open Day on Monday 23 November 2015 in Glasgow.  One of the films directed by Karima Aziz is available to view on our YouTube channel.

Theme 3 organised a stream with five sessions at the “Work Practices and the Quality of Work” during the Conference WORK2015 – New Meanings of Work, University of Turku, Finland, in 19-20 August 2015. This was chaired by Dr Tommy Isidorsson and Dr Julia Kubisa. All ESRs, Julia, Tommy and Kristina presented papers and received interesting feedback. The conference proved also to be an opportunity to meet other researchers on job quality, exchange views and discuss the possibilities of cooperation in an edited volume on job quality. See the detailed programme p. 46

Theme 2 ESRs presented papers at the 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association 2015 in Prague, 25-28 August 2015 on ‘Differences, Inequalities and Sociological Imagination’ in session 11 ‘Inclusion, exclusion and precarious employment of migrant workers in Europe’ chaired by Prof Paul Stewart and Dr Olena Fedyuk. See the detailed programme   

Theme 2 attended a two-day intensive writing workshop around their book "Inclusion, exclusion and precarious employment in Europe: the story so far from Germany, Poland, and the UK." at Ross Priory, Loch Lomond (Scotland) in October 2015. Special thanks to the external discussants, who reviewed all contributions and offered detailed feedback: Frances Pine (Goldsmiths' University of London, Francesca Vianello, University of Padova and Marek Canek, Multicultural Center Prague), see photos on Facebook.
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