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RUN 2104

9 January 2017



What a greeting! Scooter was so excited to be at KLINGON's place, he promptly made a deposit on the lawn, which NAVI was relieved about.

Once the booze was sorted and the book laid out, hugs and kisses were given all round for a belated happy new year, RLD however, was disappointed that DING was not in town, so no extra long group hug for her!
We were joined by a tiki touring American by the name of C#NT SWABULA, who was joining us for the evening before heading off to Aussie, England, Iceland and many other places, and while he looked like a keen runner, realised that all the best gossip was happening with the walkers.
It didn't seem to matter that the pack got split up, as at the first check, very close to the house, trail could not be found. It is 100 meters right?, nope, more trail was found about 200 meters away, a slightly miffed bunch of hasher carried on.

Another check was found fairly quickly, and once again all the hashers gathered round it, searching high and low for the next piece of trail, maybe it was a bit further? Yip, about 250 meters away more was found, and the hashers were getting more than a bit miffed, this was eating into valuable drinking time!
We still had not arrived at the OP, due to yet another check, which was joking remarked upon, that trail would probably be found 300 meters away! Nope, not a joke, maybe KLINGON was running out of flour 'cos he was baking a cake for dinner? It must be a really huge cake!
Oh bugger, not another check! But at least we had figured out how to find trail, just add another 50 meters!

Frickin' finally we got to the first OP, where a disorderly cue was formed at the complaints department (i.e KLINGON's face).
OK, this was it, do or die time for KLINGON, was there cake?, or was he stashing the flour for other nefarious purposes?

Didn't get a chance to find out, as we were running out of time, and KLINGON was running out of flour, so off we went to the second OP, which was found after a few more rounds of "how far is trail from the check?"

Anyway eventually at some super late hour we got back home with no incidents to report, apart from the two homeless fellas trying to chat up TOYLIT DUK at the bus stop!
BTW, there was no cake, instead it was pizza night (oh so that's what the flour was for!)

  • KLINGON - hare
  • C#NT SWABULA - visitor
  • WORKASHIRKA - fruit picking
  • EM-DEF - late
  • C#NT SWABULA - donating flour to the hare
  • TOYLIT DUK - "gimme your teeth, I wanna talk to her"
  • NAVI - carrying an anal probe
  • NICE BUT - walking straight past the check
  • EM-DEF - bringing down FRIGID
  • STD - hologram cookies
POTW –KLINGON - forgot it
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 RUN NO:2105

MONDAY 16 January 2017

6.30 P.M

    Hare: EM-DEF

Location: 46 Bottle Lake Drive, Parklands
   Date      Run No                 Hare                                                Location       
23 Jan  2106      HARE NEEDED                            HARE NEEDED
30 Jan  2107      STICKY WILLY                                TBA
 6 Feb  2108      HARE NEEDED (Waitangi Day)            HARE NEEDED
13 Feb  2109      HARE NEEDED                            HARE NEEDED
20 Feb  2110      HARE NEEDED                            HARE NEEDED
27 Feb  2106      HARE NEEDED                            HARE NEEDED
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