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RUN 2080

1 August 2016


Wreckovery Run
A very quiet FE-FI-FO-FUM skulked up the driveway nice and early and we pointed him in the direction of the free keg. "Where's the soft drinks?" he whispered pitifully. "What? Don't you want free beer?" said DING-A-LING.  "No" he moaned, "I've been in withdrawal all day, and still got the DT's. It was the bottle of whiskey I downed on Saturday night", and with that he collapsed on the couch.

RLD soon entered the house "I forgot all my hash gear", she croaked " and I'm really, really sick, bloody VASIE!", and collapsed onto a chair.

"Where do you want the booze?" asked a fairly chipper looking STICKY WILLIE. "Around the back, like usual" replied DING-A-LING. With moans and groans, TOYLIT & STICKY dragged it onto the deck, with an unwilling BEEP BEEP & EM-DEF bringing up the rear.

"Knock, Knock, Knock", was heard from the front door, and the only eager hasher for the evening was standing there. " Hi!' said "SHROOM SNORTER, "is this THE hash?"  "Um sure, why not" said STD, "Who are you?". From then on "SHROOM SNORTER had to go through the explanation of who he is, where he was from, and why the heck he hasn't been to CH2 H3 before.

With RLD, TOYLIT DUK & STICKY munching on FRUIT! , "SHROOM SNORTER, with a worried look on his face, asked " Is it normally this quiet?"
We gave 'SHROOM SNORTER a full blow by blow account of what went on this past weekend, (If you want to know, I'm sure people will be putting them up on FB by now), just to allay his fears that we weren't a really lame hash club, and off we went into the wild blue yonder.
Unlike DING-A-LING's usual runs, there were no hills involved, but he just couldn't help himself, and set a run with 2 OP's! "Eh?' said a confused BLUE VAIN, "Does he realise this is supposed to be a wreckovery run?" " This is DING-A-LING's version of a wreckovery run" laughed EM-DEF from his tree trunk chair. Muttering under his breath, BLUE VAIN carried on.

We arrived at the 1st OP, to be greeted by RLD & DING-A-LING and some hot savouries (winter camp speciality) and happily munched away, while FFFF's doggie collapsed in the gutter, due to exhaustion.

With the odd drop of rain, DING-A-LING asked us" Do you want to carry on, or go on home?".  "We're tough" we replied "We'll carry on, we're already out and about", and with that we left to go across the railway lines, and down a few dark alleyways.
Leaving for the next OP, with a "F#@k this," 'SHROOM SNORTER started running, due to the rest of the mob, just trying to walk in a straight line.  We marked checks as we went (except one) ,just in case  'SHROOM SNORTER  got a bit lost . Rounding the corner, TOYLIT DUK gave a little gasp of delight" OMG!, it's a swing, in the middle of the footpath" giggling with delight, she proceeded to mount it, with STICKY and BEEP, giving her a shove every now and again.

Meandering down the road further, a worried STD asked " Has anyone seen
'SHROOM SNORTER?", confidently EM-DEF replied "oh yeah, he's way ahead of us" "Are you sure?", asked the worry wart, "Yeah" chimed BEEP, "Way ahead", "Yes, but has anyone actually seen him?" asked STD, again. "Well, no actually, but he must be!" was the reply. "You do realise, that since moving into the rental, we have managed to loose a person on each run we've done?" persisted STD.  "We'll maybe he's at the OP already" said BLUE VAIN, as we came up to the booze wagon. Nope, not there, not down the road........
A phone call to RLD (who had gone back OH), and it was discovered that
'SHROOM SNORTER had arrived back, having lost trail at the one and only check that we hadn't marked, D'OH!
Have you seen this man? Just one of many lost on a hash run

We headed back home, for fines and a catch up with 'SHROOM SNORTER, and a feast of leftovers!
STD & DING-A-LING - hares
BLUE VAIN - visitor
FFFF - surviving winter camp-just
RLD - not bringing her stuff
TOYLIT DUK - swinging
There were many more fines, lots in fact, but I can't remember where I put my little piece of paper, so I will just say that everyone got fined at least once or twice.

MOLESTERING STICK - SSS (left it at winter camp)
PRICK OF THE WEEK - TOYLIT 'cos hussies can fix the prick
WOBBLY LEGS - 'SHROOM SNORTER- running on a wreckovery run
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 RUN NO:2081




   Date      Run No                 Hare                                                Location       
15 Aug     2082         Beep Beep              44 Holliday Drive, Mairehau
22 Aug      2083        Fe Fi Fo Fum       20 Mafking Street, New Brighton
29 Aug   2084           Flapper                             TBA

5 Sept      2085             RLD                     15a Leonie Place, Bexley
12 Sept    2086           Em-Def            46 Bottle Lake Drive, Parklands
19 Sept    2087         Frigid Digit                           TBA
26 Sept    2088    Grubbee Mhinge & Hopiwadi          24 Briarmont Street
3 Oct        2089       STD & Ding-a-ling                     TBA
10 Oct      2090            Moobz           123 Queenspark Drive, Parklands
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