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RUN 2095

14 November 2016

HAPPY 37th
Sleepy hashers turned up from far and wide on a chilly evening for this illustrious evening. PLUTO even wore his best shorts for the occasion, while STD rocked the EQC shirt underneath the wet weather gear.
DING-A-LING was designated trail setter for the evening, and set off at a whopping pace for the live hare trail, while RLD climbed into the dray's vehicle to take the drinks to the one and only OP.  It slowly dawned on the rest of the pack, they we didn't actually need to give DING-A-LING a good head start, as we were walking, the 2 minute head start turned into one minute and then into, bugger it, lets go! Yes we were all really tired from the shaking and tsunami siren going for most of the night.
PLUTO and DING-A-LING raced off into the distance, while the hussies stuck together and discussed imported matters, like who was wearing what to the Formal Dinner.
With hash etiquette being what it is, we hussies were expecting PLUTO to mark the checks for us, but unfortunately for us, had to try and find trail from the checks, a few eyebrows were raised at STD when she admitted that she doesn't listen to DING-A-LING at the best of times, and so therefore, didn't actually know where trail went (I did remember where the OP was though, but why spoil the fun!)
We had the fines session at the OP, as it was outside the liquor ban area, before heading back to Daphne Restaurant for free drinks all night long-thanks to CH2 H3 for shouting, and with the table piled high with food, we all got to try lots and lots of yummy food, before heading on home to try and get some sleep.

DING-A-LING - live hare
DING-A-LING - 399+1
STD - 720
GO'N'DOWN - 347
DING-A-LING - late to OP

BAG SHAG  - not thinking of any fines
STD  - not listening to DING-A-LING
TOYLIT DUK - not having a fine ready
RLD - auto hashing the whole trail
PLUTO - the sexy red is back!

PRICK OF THE WEEK - GO'N'DOWN - wondering how many people got excavated from New Brighton
MOLESTERING STICK -(FE FI FO FUM -still has it from last week)
WOBBLY LEGS -DING-A-LING- for his harem of hussies

On behalf of the CH2 H3, our thoughts, love and best wishes, are with those who are going through this catastrophic time, and the trying times that follow in the wake of such a disaster. We are well experienced in earthquakes here in Christchurch, so you know we really mean it!
Sat 19 November(Christmas) Formal Dinner Venue: Trenches Restaurant & Bar, 74 Armagh St. Theme: “The Selangor Club, Kuala Lumpur (the home of HHH), 19 November 1941”. Formal Dress for 1941. ​ Click here for all the updated details
2018: Interhash 24-27 May 2018 in Fiji. Click here to access the website
Got any up coming events you would like put on the noticeboard? Click here and contact us!
 RUN NO:2097

MONDAY 21 November 2016



Location: 3 Heathglen Ave, Parklands
   Date      Run No                 Hare                                                Location       
19 Nov   2096     Combined Xmas Doo- see noticeboard for info
28 Nov   2098     Beep Beep                               44 Holiday Drive
 5 Dec   2099     Navigator & Nice But            TBA - Victoria Park???

12 Dec   2100     HARE NEEDED                           HARE NEEDED
19 Dec   2101     HARE NEEDED                           HARE NEEDED

27 Dec   2102     Garden City - TUESDAY RUN               TBA
 2 Jan   2103     Christchurch Hash New Years Run     TBA/Hare Needed
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