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RUN 2081
8 August 2016


Sick Run

The first to arrive was the keen newby Sian, who has only been to the Xmas do's and the winter camp - so this was her first real run! She was followed by the sick RLD who is on antibiotics and was drinking WATER!!!!!

At least STICKY had a friend to compare stories as to who was sicker and what their symptoms were! STICKY couldn't even drive himself home from work - poor baby! The other hashers followed close behind.

After explaining to Sian how things worked (Dyerbolyx hadn't explained it to her friend) we were off!

"On left and follow the Oamaru stone arrows, the second part of trail will be explained at the OP". After the hashers left STICKY decided he was well enough to go, so of he went in hot pursuit - or was that fever sweat pursuit!

Everyone arrived at the OP with complaints about part of the trail having OH arrows going the other way (5 m) this was to keep them of the main road with no foot path. So much for thinking about there safety in the dark!.  It went from 9 OH to 45, to 90 and ended up at about 200, blah blah blah......  At least they didn't get run over or confused I say!

Anyway with a drink, hot savouries and corn chips and dip they settled down reasonably quickly.

The next instructions were given, with voices on how long is it?, is it as long as the first bit? Can we short cut it? Blah blah  blah, REALLY!!!!!!! Sounds like children on a road trip!

Anyway, short cut it they did. Very disappointing as they missed out on the best bit! All I can say is 'soft cocks'.

FE FI put in a challenge that they could make it OH in 28 minutes. Yeah right! RLD told them the door will be locked if your late, and the stop watch went on. 38 minutes later with the front door locked, there was a sheepish group banging at the door.

FE FI bought in Frankenstein (the dog) to play with Cocoa (the sheep), they had a fab time in the back yard while the conversation inside was about 'pissing out my arse' and what it looked like (STICKY), which bought a huge slap from RLD, as we were EATING after all. KLINGON then said he should write a letter in brown ink.......  Yuk


Sian, TOYLITE DUK, STICKY the five's
TOYLITE DUK for having a sheep
STICKY for making Toylite Duk  'O' 50 times
FE FI loosing OH even though there were a shit load
KLINGON for talking to much
FE FI for loosing his time challenge
TOYLITE DUK for a shit load of OH arrows
FE FI for taking to long to arrive OH
TOYLITE DUK for stalking
STICKY for lost property
DYERBOLYX sheep laugh


STICKY for being a cry baby

STICKY had to get driven home from work

Thanks to TOYLITE DUK for writing the trash this week, and.......... for the photos!

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 RUN NO:2082




Location: 44 HOLLIDAY DRIVE, Mairehau
   Date      Run No                 Hare                                                Location       
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29 Aug   2084           Flapper                             TBA

5 Sept      2085             RLD                     15a Leonie Place, Bexley
12 Sept    2086           Em-Def            46 Bottle Lake Drive, Parklands
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26 Sept    2088    Grubbee Mhinge & Hopiwadi          24 Briarmont Street
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