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RUN 2094

7 November 2016



(aka WTF?)

What a beautiful evening for hash! DING-A-LING & STD rocked up nice and early, only to find 007 & PUSSY GALORE going for a stroll before hash (WTF?), but with the drinks on offer they were back very quickly. Soon we were joined by a keen NAVI & NICE BUT, and a visitor, BEATS ME(South Korea/USA), who also brought along a couple of virgins, Sophia (from Canada) and Yuval (all the way from Israel). This was so exciting, that even BRICK SHEITHOUSE came out of the wood work to hash!
With introductions done, it was left up to 007 to give us firm, clear and precise instructions on where when and what trail was. Following the clear and precise instructions, the runners, which included the usual suspects, visitors and virgins, buggered off into the distance, leaving STD and BRICK to attempt to follow trail.
With the runners somewhere, BRICK and I amused ourselves by racing MTB-ers up hills (we won!), and walking around and round in circles. I would tell you what happened at the 1st OP, but, having not reached it, I can't, all BRICK and I know, is that suddenly a large group of hashers and dogs, appeared, telling us we had missed the OP, and that trail was "this way". Following them, as you do, we managed to catch up with them, huh? Running round and round in circles, trying to find trail, finding some on the left, not the right, heading to checks, closely followed by back checks that lead us back onto trail we had already run. Even doing the trail in reverse didn't work. Sophia's sensible solutions of following the instructions we were given at the beginning of the night (trail is on the right), was beginning to sound like a good idea, so we tried that too, and it still didn't work.
Right before we gave up, 007 phoned DING-A-LING, and with a few quick instructions, we were off again to the 2nd OP, where we berated 007 for his ruddy awful trail setting skills.
Realising that he was the one who had us going the wong wei, 007 tried to keep a low profile at the 2nd OP, but with every single person commenting on his c rappy trail setting skills, he couldn't win, so he sent us all back on home, the wong wei!
F.M.O.T.N: J.M & R.A & DOBS

007 & PUSSY GALORE - hares
Sophia - 1
Yuval - 1

PLUTO  - wrong cutting
BEATS ME  - blood sports
Sophia - too intelligent for hash
007 - using RLD's interpretation of Left and Right
Sophia -first back
NICE BUT & Sophia  -running hussies
007 - confusing the hash
PLUTO -  not wearing his sexy red shorts
Sophia - L-R-L-R-L-R

PRICK OF THE WEEK - (RLD - still has it from last week)
MOLESTERING STICK -(FE FI FO FUM -still has it from last week)
WOBBLY LEGS -007- giving everyone wobbly legs
Friday 11 November: Annual Hussies Hat Day. Click here for the Flyer
Monday 14 November: Christchurch Hash House Harriers Celebrates 37 years of Hashing! . . .Meet in the Carpark at Leslie Street, Upper Riccarton (behind Daphnes Restaurant) at 6.30pm for the run, then dinner at Daphne's Restaurant, 398 Riccarton Road. $2 Run, pay for your own dinner and drinks. For more info on the restaurant, click here
Sat 19 November(Christmas) Formal Dinner Venue: Trenches Restaurant & Bar, 74 Armagh St. Theme: “The Selangor Club, Kuala Lumpur (the home of HHH), 19 November 1941”. Formal Dress for 1941. ​ $65p/p Click for Flyer.
2018: Interhash 24-27 May 2018 in Fiji. Click here to access the website
Got any up coming events you would like put on the noticeboard? Click here and contact us!
 RUN NO:2095

MONDAY 14 November 2016


    Hare: Committee

Location: Leslie Street Carpark,
Upper Riccarton.
Followed by Dinner at Daphne's Restaurant (398 Riccarton Road)

# $2 Run fee. Pay for your own drinks and dinner.
   Date      Run No                 Hare                                                Location       
19 Nov   2096     Combined Xmas Doo- see noticeboard for info
21 Nov   2097     Toylit Duk & Sticky Willy                3 Heathglen Ave
28 Nov   2098     Beep Beep                               44 Holiday Drive
 5 Dec   2099     Navigator & Nice But            TBA - Victoria Park???

12 Dec   2100     HARE NEEDED                           HARE NEEDED
19 Dec   2101     HARE NEEDED                           HARE NEEDED

27 Dec   2102     Garden City - TUESDAY RUN               TBA
 2 Jan   2103     Christchurch Hash New Years Run     TBA/Hare Needed
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