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RUN 2085

5 September 2016





Hands and other body parts across the globe we spent the early part of the evening discussing prostitutes from around the world, well, RLD did say it was going to be a run with a difference! We did great until "X" came up......, TOYLIT DUK came up with Xanadu, but as that's a mythical country, it was disallowed.
Of on our run with a difference, the walkers and runners were told to head in the same direction, following trail to a check, where we would all find our first/second clue. Runners had a separate clue from the walkers, but both groups clues said to go right, but which way was right?, was it looking down the street? which way were were supposed to be facing???? The runners, DING-A-LING, KLINGON and STICKY WILLY's clue, said they would quickly find a check, so the walkers stuck with the runners, until the check.
Walking down the road, the walkers were slightly puzzled as to why RLD was sending us sooo far away, it truly was going to be a run with a difference, did RLD actually go this far down Maces Road???, and if we did go right until the end of the road, that would mean Linwood Ave would be the right turn. Really? Truly?

While pondered on this, a pack of rabid dogs ran out from the barbed wire fences and proceeded to try and maul TOYLIT DUK, STD, MOOBZ and FRIGID DIGIT, but TOYLIT DUK bravely fended the dogs off. In his panic to escape, MOOBZ found some gravel to say hello to, and was decidly a bit limp for the rest of the night. Luckily STD had the STICK on hand to give him a bit of support.
In the meantime, the runners were having a few problems of their own, poop, poop and more poop was impeding their progress across, what should have been some lovely fields, but just as they though they were through the worst of it, along came some human poop to wade through!
The walkers stopped outside Bromley Community Centre to get our breath back, but by this time, us walkers figured that the runners would be way ahead of us, and so STD whipped out the cheat sheet to look for the next clue, in case we could short cut. Hmmm, -Look for the white fence- not much help there, how about the next clue? nope, once again a vague hint.  Ok, not a big fan of cheating, but this was a dire circumstance. Looking at the bottom of the paper, finally I saw where the OP was. Oh OK,we were supposed to end up on Bexley Road- number 103 to be precise. Those of you who hashed in the old days, might remember running from there occasionally.
We quickly called up RLD to whisk us away from Bromley and the dogs so that we could meet up with the runners at STD's old house, and swear at RLD. Then it was back on home, via the written instructions, (which at this point, no-one trusted), for a fine feed of Hot Dogs and a special fine session to celebrate STICKY WILLY reaching 100 Runs! (also to fine the fark out of RLD)

RLD - hare
RLD - Left, right, Left
TOYLIT DUK - Dog Whisperer
RLD - right, left, right
MOOBZ - delicate wee flower
MOOBZ - loosing out on BJ from TOYLIT
STD - reminising
RLD - b-arch of a run
STD - hosting OP
RLD - right, right, oops
MOOBZ - crybaby
RLD - upsetting STD
STD - using cheat sheet
TOYLIT DUK - STD's 'rental'
RLD - farkan Amberley

STICKY WILLY - welcome to the 100 club!

MOLESTERING STICK - MOOBZ 'cos he really needed it
WOBBLY LEGS - STD - wobbly old Bexley

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 RUN NO:2086



Hare: EM-DEF

   Date      Run No                 Hare                                                Location       
19 Sept    2087         Frigid Digit                                    TBA
26 Sept    2088    Grubbee Mhinge & Hopiwadi          24 Briarmont Street
3 Oct        2089       STD & Ding-a-ling                                  TBA
10 Oct     2090            Moobz            123 Queenspark Drive, Parklands
17 Oct   2091        Hare Needed                           Hare Needed
24 Oct   2092    Gloworm & Labrat     3pm start      75 Teesdale Street
31 Oct   2093          Klingon    All Hallows Eve Run   10 Lovelock Street
7 Nov    2094       Hare Needed                            Hare Needed
14 Nov   2095       Hare Needed
                             Hare Needed
19 Nov   2096       Combined Xmas Doo- see noticeboard for info
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