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RUN 2097

21 November 2016

After the hash Formal Dinner, it was a smaller than usual crowd turning up on Monday, FE FI FO FUM had his usual 2 day hangover, but finally, ORFUL FUK was back gracing us with his presence, after wintering over in Thailand (as usual).

STICKY WILLY muttered something about trail being out the gate and on right, so we did, only to find the first of many checks. Luckily for the lazy walkers, NICE BUT and NAVI were happy to run ahead of us, only to find a check on every corner, and while it kept the pack together, it did mean that the walkers occasionally had to check , when the runners couldn't find trail fast enough.
Soon we were heading in the direction of Burwood Forest, and who should come trotting up behind us, but STICKY WILLY, who tried to convince us that TOYLIT DUK had set trail, and he was just out for a run like the rest of us. Run? It was too hot to run, a slow jog maybe, but the thermometer was still sitting at 28 degrees, luckily for us the wind picked up a bit until we rounded the corner into Burwood Park, and we got to feel the full force of the Easterly, right beside TOYLIT DUK's favourite Loo. NAVI was having none of it, the wind and the stench, and tucked himself into the boot of the Dray's vehicle for the first OP.
A less than enthusiastic STICKY asked us if we wanted a 2nd OP, or to just go on home, but we were keen to get rid of the cobwebs after the big weekend, so off we went across the park as instructed, but failed to find any trail. A gesturing STICKY WILLY, pointed the right direction as he hooned off into the distance in the Dray's car.

A second OP was found at the back of a park, so we hid from the wind behind the building as we watched the dogs doing it doggy style in the bushes. While this was going on, ORFUL FUK took the opportunity to eat all the chippies- I guess when you can see that sort of thing in Thailand all the time, and more, its just not that amusing.
With the dogs having been told off, the chippies all scoffed, we meandered back to STICKY and TOYLIT's place for the circle run by the other JM, and yummy rissoles and roasted veggies for dinner.

FE FI FO FUM- Stick not on the run
ORFUL FUK - cumming back to hash
NAVIGATOR & NICE BUT - Bringing too many bags to hash
EM-DEF - looking like a beach bum
STD - tying up DING-A-LING

MOOBZ  - 26
TOYLIT DUK, NICE BUT, EM-DEF & Coco  - bleeding
NICE BUT & NAVIGATOR - doing all the checking in the same direction
STICKY WILLY - front running
MOOBZ - painting nails and then w@nk!ng

PRICK OF THE WEEK - GO'N'DOWN - (still has it from last week)
MOLESTERING STICK -FE FI FO FUM -not taking it on the run
WOBBLY LEGS -EM-DEF- donating his beer to the wobbly legs, so it's only right he got it back!
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 RUN NO:2097

MONDAY 28 November 2016



Location: 44 HOLIDAY DRIVE, Mariehau
   Date      Run No                 Hare                                                Location       
 5 Dec   2099     Navigator & Nice But                      Victoria Park
12 Dec   2100     FE FI FO FUM                                 TBA
19 Dec   2101     HARE NEEDED                           HARE NEEDED
27 Dec   2102     Garden City - TUESDAY RUN               TBA
 2 Jan   2103     STD/DING-A-LING         'New' House, New Year Run

 9 Jan  2104      HARE NEEDED                            HARE NEEDED
16 Jan  2105      HARE NEEDED                            HARE NEEDED
23 Jan  2106      HARE NEEDED                            HARE NEEDED
30 Jan  2107      HARE NEEDED                            HARE NEEDED
 6 Feb  2108      HARE NEEDED                            HARE NEEDED
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