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June 2018 Edition

We're proud to introduce three new 32.768kHz oscillators

Introducing OV7605C8 and OM7605C8, two brand new ultra-miniature 32.768kHz oscillators featuring 2.0 x 1.2mm footprint.

Both oscillators are available with AEC-Q200 qualification, and OV7605C8 features a fully ceramic package, suitable for a range of specialist material-sensitive applications.
You can find more details of each oscillator here including full datasheets and configurable option details.

Check out the new OM7605C8 low profile ultra-miniature oscillator here
Discover the fully ceramic OV7605C8 ultra-miniature 32.768kHz oscillator here

Introducing OM7604C7 a new key 32.768kHz oscillator solution

Representing a better commercial solution than current 32.768kHz oscillators with the same footprint, the OM7604C7 features ceramic package with metal lid and is available with optional AEC-Q200 qualification.
If you need a 32.768kHz oscillator with 3.2 x 1.5mm footprint the OM7604C7 is an ideal solution for you.

Discover our new OM7604C7 key 32.768kHz oscillator solution here
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The Golledge harsh environment range makes more possible.

Whether you're designing for survey equipment, a down hole project, or new aerospace technology, our harsh environment range can help.

You can find our harsh environment range here, along with a variety of our industry-specific recommendations.
You can find a selection of our industry recommendations here
Or you can explore our full product range here
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