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Upcoming Exhibition: Egoyomi

Egoyomi: Picture Calendars for the New Year
14 December–23 February, 2019
Art Institute of Chicago, New York

Until 1873, the Japanese calendar was based on a lunar system. Months were divided into dai no tsuki (long months) of 30 days and sho no tsuki (short months) of 29 days. Because the order of long and short months changed annually, artists subtly and skillfully incorporated the year’s sequence into the lush prints known as egoyomi. In anticipation of the New Year and an influx of new calendars to be filled, this exhibition brings together over 30 egoyomi, showcasing the genre’s beautiful scenes, cleverly incorporated calendar markings and historic developments.

Ongoing Exhibition: iMprint IV

iMprint IV
Through 30 November
Malta Society of Art, Palazzo de la Salle in Valletta, Malta

Many print enthusiasts and scholars may not know that printmaking in the small island of Malta is a very popular medium for artists. A number of intaglio studios have been set up in recent years and also a lithography press. The Malta School of Art has its own studios and courses are very well attended. This is why printmakers come together to exhibit their works at iMprint. This exhibition exists to disseminate appreciation and awareness of printmaking as an artistic medium. It has established itself as Malta’s only exhibition dedicated to showcasing prints by some of the best Maltese artists and foreign printmakers. Founded by Jesmond Vassallo in 2013, iMprint has now become a biennial appointment which is eagerly awaited by Malta’s artists and public.

Ongoing Exhibition: Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh
Through 14 December
Pace Prints, New York

This exhibition of new monotypes and editions by Dan Walsh marks the artist’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery. Known for his roots in minimalist painting from the 1960s and 1970s, Walsh constructs his work from self-imposed rules and procedures. His images are perceivably relaxed, but subtle nuances ask the viewer to evaluate their logic. Highlighted in this exhibition are new works in which Walsh’s visual vocabulary has expanded.

Ongoing Exhibition: Detroit Collects

Detroit Collects: Selections of African American Art from Private Collections
Through 15 March, 2020
Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit

This exhibition explores the rich history of collecting African American Art in the Detroit region by private collectors, featuring works by Romare Bearden, Al Loving, Charles McGee and Alison Saar. This showing will highlight local collectors’ interest in the diverse media, styles, genres, influences and subject matter that inspired them to collect art created by African Americans.

Ongoing Exhibition: Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing: Animals in Japanese Art
Through 8 December
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles

This exhibition celebrates one of the most distinctive and compelling aspects of Japanese art: the depiction of animals. Underpinned by Japan's unique spiritual heritage of Shintō and Buddhism, the Japanese reverence for nature—and the place of animals within that realm—is expressed in sculpture, painting, lacquer-work, ceramics, metalwork, cloisonné and woodblock prints. Animals warm and cold-blooded, real and imaginary—are meticulously and beautifully rendered in myriad works from ancient 6th-century clay sculpture to contemporary art. Arranged in themes the exhibition draws heavily from LACMA’s permanent collection and includes masterpieces from Japanese and American public and private collections, some of which are on view for the first time.


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Image credits: Suzuki Harunobi, A Young Woman in a Summer Shower (1765), Frank Portelli, detail of The Sermon (1950), Dan Walsh, Enfin (2019), Rashid Johnson, Untitled (2015), Tani Bunchō, Tiger Family and Magpies (1807).
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