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Upcoming Exhibition: Barry Le Va

Berry Le Va: Sculptured Activities
12 December–15 February, 2020
Carolina Nitsch Project Room, New York

This exhibition presents works on paper by Barry Le Va. The works in this show are from the late 80’s and early 90’s and relate to his Sculptured Activities series, which represent various conceptual possibilities related to his sculptural installations. The black and white drawings and collages are created in pencil, charcoal and ink, while the prints are from multi-colored and layered woodblocks.

Ongoing Exhibition: Betye Saar

Betye Saar: The Legends of Black Girl's Window
Through 4 January, 2020
Museum of Modern Art, New York

After nearly a decade of focused work in printmaking, artist Betye Saar created her autobiographical assemblage Black Girl’s Window in 1969. This exhibition explores the relation between her experimental print practice and the new artistic language debuted in that famous work, tracing themes of family, history and mysticism, which have been at the core of Saar’s work from its earliest days. Celebrating the recent acquisition of 42 rare, early works on paper, this is the first dedicated examination of Saar’s work as printmaker.

Ongoing Exhibition: The Master of Paper

The Master of Paper: Drawing Books from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century
Through 2 February, 2020
Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

This exhibition offers a reflection on the use of drawing books as an essential teaching tool for learning to draw and their evolution in Europe, notably Spain. Featuring more than 100 examples, the majority of which come from the Prado’s own library, this exhibition also includes examples from the Madrazo and Cervelló libraries as well other individual acquisitions. The Master of Paper offers a survey of these print collections which revolutionized the system of teaching drawing for artists in workshops and fine arts academies as well as for amateurs at home.

Ongoing Exhibition: Last Ukiuo-E

Last Ukiyo-E: Inheritors of Ukiyo-E
Through 15 March, 2020
Ota Memorial Museum of Art, Tokyo

Many people understand ukiyo-e as a culture of the Edo period (1603–1868). However, ukiyo-e was continuously produced continuously until the early 20th century, the end of the Meiji Period (1868–1912). This was a time in Japan of radical change which saw feudal sytems give way to the adoption of Western moedels of culture.

Since their artistic value of ukiyo-e works has often overlooked, they are rarely shown in museums today. This exhibition will discover 220 fascinating pieces of ukiyo-e of the Meiji period from the collection of the painter and ukiyo-e collector, Isao Toshihiko.

Ongoing Exhibition: Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer
Through 6 January, 2020
The Albertina Museum, Vienna

This exhibition presents over 200 examples of Dürer’s drawings, printed graphics and paintings. The Albertina Museum has succeeded in uniting important works from international lenders including the Adoration of the Magi from the Uffizi, the unsettling and unsparing self-portrait of a naked Albrecht Dürer from Weimar, Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand from Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum, Christ among the Doctors from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid and what is possibly Dürer’s most handsome male portrait from the neighboring Museo del Prado. Furthermore, this exhibiton presents the late paintings from the artist’s final journey to the Netherlands with all of the studies on which they are known to be based.

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Image credits: Barry Le Va, Sculptured Activities (1987–89), Betye Saar, Anticipation (1961), Cornelius Cort and Johannes Stradanus, The Practice of the Arts (1573), Miyagawa Shuntei, Various Aspects of Children: Zoo (ca.1890), Albrecht Dürer, Praying Hands (1508).
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