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Upcoming Exhibition: 100 Views of Tokyo

100 Views of Tokyo: Message to the 21st Century
21 September–8 December, 2019
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

This exhibition celebrates the recent acquisition of a complete set of prints in the 100 Views of Tokyo series. Created between 1989 and 1999, most of the prints in this series—conceived by members of the Japan Print Association—depict actual locations in the city such as the Shinjuku area, Tokyo Tower, Haneda airport and sites such as Tokyo Bay, though a large number of works show completely imaginary places or abstract imagery. The array of methods used reads like an encyclopedia of printing techniques and includes woodblock printing, lithograph, mezzotint and photo etching. 

Upcoming Exhibition: Order and Ornament

Order and Ornament: Roy Lichtenstein's Entablatures
27 September–2020
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

This exhibition will present a diverse array of works on paper by Roy Lichtenstein (1923–1997) related to his Entablatures series from the 1970s. Inspired by the architectural facades and ornamental motifs he encountered around Wall Street and elsewhere in Lower Manhattan, the series addresses many of Lichtenstein’s central artistic themes while demonstrating a unique emphasis on texture, surface, relief and reflectivity. 

Ongoing Exhibition: Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer: Eyewitness
Through 5 January, 2020
Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, MA

This exhibition explores how celebrated American artist Winslow Homer’s work for the illustrated periodical Harper’s Weekly helped shape his later career as a painter and watercolorist. During the Civil War, Homer served as a correspondent for Harper’s. His sketches of soldiers, both in battle on the front lines and in quieter moments back at camp, were reproduced to accompany the journal’s accounts of the conflict. Homer worked for Harper’s just as new technologies were making it possible to rapidly reproduce newsworthy images on a large scale. Working together with Harper’s editors and engravers, he employed a range of pictorial strategies to reassure skeptical readers that his illustrations were not fabrications, but eyewitness observations “drawn on the spot.”

Ongoing Exhibition: The Mysteries of Material

The Mysteries of Material: Kirchner, Heckel and Schmidt-Rottluff
Through 13 October
Stäedel Museum, Frankfurt

This exhibition will explore the reciprocal relationships between woodcut and wooden sculpture in the oeuvres of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Heckel and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. The show’s starting point is wood, which is more closely bound to the art of German Expressionism than any other material. What appealed to the artists especially about wood was its unevenness and grain, but also its differing hues and degrees of hardness. After Kirchner, Heckel and Schmidt-Rottluff together formed the “Brücke” artists’ association in Dresden in 1905, the woodcut became one of their most important artistic mediums. Until well into the 1920's and 30's, their specific mode of expression and the pleasure they took in experimentation were particularly evident in the works executed in this printing technique.

Ongoing Exhibition: Huma Bhabha

Huma Bhabha
Through 2 November, 2019
Borch Gallery, Berlin

This exhibition presents two print projects by Huma Bhabha. For Leochicospeedy, the artist created a series of expressionistic portraits of deities executed in photogravure and etching. Although the works convey an almost nightmarish atmosphere, the underlying photos taken by the artist are of three playing dogs. Her series of etchings The Unsubs is inspired by the TV-show Criminal Minds. Here, the artist depicts unknown subjects or entities from an imaginary world, consciously avoiding characterization. They are ambiguous; whether they are heroes or villains is open to the viewer’s interpretation.

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Image credits: Toneyama Kojin, Tokyo Rhapsody (1993),  Roy Lichtenstein, Entablature VIII (1976), After Winslow Homer, Hard Tack (1864), Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Couple Taking A Stroll (1907), Huma Bhabha, Leochicospeedy (2016).
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