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What’s New in the Ley Household

We had a pretty kickass Indian wedding at the beginning of the month, if we do say so ourselves. New Orleans is just a great place to celebrate…pretty much anything…because people there value good food, good music, & good times; plus they harbor a non-judgmental attitude.  There was bow fishing, a paint fight, dancing on pool tables, a horse parade, a second line band, and an amped-up dance party (to name a few of the highlights).

It didn’t hurt that the very same weekend, the SEAHAWKS completely shut down the Broncos in the Super Bowl…Was that even a fair fight?  Colin and I have decided that we are a good luck charm for cities we live in winning the Super Bowl.  You’re welcome, Seattle!

Other than that, we are a firm divided!  Colin’s been shredding the gnar up in Seattle, enjoying the fresh powder.  Shreya, on the other hand, has been working hard for some clients down in Tejas…while enjoying the plentiful Lone Stars with chips and salsa.   When in Rome… 
What Are We Thinking About This Month?

Ah, February, love is in the air…and bitter, bitter cold.  As an outpouring of all the love in the world, we have been thinking a lot about adding value to our clients’ lives and also finding little ways to make them feel special.  We are formulating and thinking of new packages that address their needs as a human being and not just a legal client.  Feel free to ask us about it next time you see one of us!

Why are we thinking about how to add value to our clients' lives?  Aside from simply being awesome, last time we said that sales drive business.  Great.  Well, now, how do we keep that sold client…well, sold!
New packages are great, but let's improve what we already have, too! One of the things that we have been working on is creating a predictable system – no one wants to be surprised by their legal services.  It’s usually something that is driving stress or worry.  So, we will tell you when you can expect to hear from us or how often, and we will do our damnedest to deliver on that.

How do you show love to your employees and clients?

"Ley Lessons"

Keep your business on the up-'n'-up

  • Don’t “right-click/save” images off of the internet for use on your marketing materials or website to save a few bucks.
  • If you hired an independent contractor to create the website/marketing materials…it can still be your butt on the line if an image wasn’t acquired legally.
There are a few really good reasons this has come up this month.  First, there have been quite a few people that have contacted us recently because they received “demand letters” from sites like Getty Images.  Second, we hired a badass photographer for the wedding and so this issue has been more top-of-mind.  Third, this is a personal pet peeve of Colin’s because his images have been reused and distributed without attribution to him and it makes him upset.

Corporations like Getty Images or individual photographers can receive a minimum of $750 per act of infringement – but it could be a lot more depending on if they can prove “damages.” Meaning…you made big bucks by using their image, and the artist or owner didn't see a dime.  Not only could you have to pay back-licensing fees, but you also lose out on the money you’ve spent printing, creating, and/or distributing your marketing materials.

Why would YOU get in trouble if you hired someone to put your website/marketing materials together?  Well, you’re the one distributing it.  Your name is on the website or brochure.  You are, therefore, responsible.  Can you then turn around and demand the money from the company or independent contractor that you hired?  Yeah, maybe.  But as a busy business owner, you probably don’t want to deal with that mess.

So, now we’ve scared you.  You want to take down all of the pictures everywhere that you’ve ever used.  ::insert super hero music:: We have some tips on how to use images so that you're prepared if someone comes after you.
  1. Use a Work-For-Hire contract for any work you get done and retain a copy of the signed agreement 
  2. Ask for, keep, and review invoices for stock images or photography used
  3. If you hire a photographer, make sure their contract says that you have a license to use the images commercially

These are just three (3) things to think about when using images on your site or marketing materials. This issue can get complicated and annoying to deal with – don’t hesitate to contact your friendly, neighborhood lawyer-human with questions. 

Contact Info & Administrative Announcements

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We’re planning out some cool stuff and planning to appear at some cool events around the country – so stay tuned for more announcements and watch out for us Lawyer-Humans!  WE’RE EVERYWHERE and sometimes…you can’t even tell us apart from regular humans.  
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