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It was just yesterday morning when I watched Dr. Kory’s presentation to the US Homeland Security Committee that I shared with you last night on the evidence he presented to indicate that Ivermectin can immediately prevent COVID-19 deaths.  Since then, I actually got an unsolicited call on my cell phone from Dr. Kory late last night and I was able to applaud his great work personally.  It is amazing how MVMD is starting to be discovered by those who care to make a difference and how our work is being validated at warp speed.
Stacking on all of this amazing momentum, this morning we sent out a media release outlining some initial soluble Ivermectin pharmacokinetic information from our pre-clinical trials.  The trial was conducted to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of our recent invention which enables Ivermectin (among other drugs) to become water-soluble without the use of harmful organic solvents, improving its water solubility by nearly 5,000 times.  It was tested by a third-party preclinical contract research organization alongside our sublingual strip application so it was really great to have the data coming back to validate both Quicksome™ and our new Quicksol™ technologies.
The pre-clinical trial tested the solubilized Ivermectin via both an intramuscular injection and applied to rapid dissolve oral strips compared to existing oral and subcutaneous injection solutions.  The results demonstrated a significant improvement in the pharmacokinetic performance of the soluble ivermectin technology with no adverse side effects as we outlined in the release.
As Mike Farber, our Director of Life Sciences at Mountain Valley MD, stated in the media release “We now have the best pharmacokinetic data for Ivermectin in the world and the implications for both human and animal health are tremendous.  MVMD has succeeded in making a Nobel prize winning wonder drug even better based on overcoming its number one limitation of solubility.”
Here are a some key findings:

  • MVMD’s solubility technology delivered 800% increase in bio availability through intramuscular (IM) injection and 500% increase in bio availability through sublingual strips compared to oral tablets.
  • MVMD’s IM injection reaches TMAX (the time to reach the maximum concentration of Ivermectin in the body) at 15 minutes compared to current commercial oral and subcutaneous forms which take between 6 and 36 hours and is well documented.  The Company’s sublingual strips had a TMAX of 1 hour, a 600% increase over oral tablets.
  • Both MVMD applications showed zero decline in CMAX (peak serum concentration that a drug achieves) over the entire 6-hour period investigated which the Company considers a very favourable indication over oral and subcutaneous forms.
  • Both MVMD applications show minimal pharmacokinetic variability, with IM injection at zero percent variability and sublingual strips at 5% variability compared to 40% variability for oral tablets.  Variability contributes to the potential for adverse effects or not achieving the required therapeutic index.

Our solubility technology applied to the Ivermectin drug is the only form in the world that uses strictly excipients that are currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), making it a leading candidate for human injection and sublingual applications as well as significantly broader husbandry and companion animal treatments based on its low viscosity.
This incredible journey we are on is coming into a clear focus and I thank you personally for your ongoing support and sharing our belief that we can truly change what is possible in human and animal health globally!



Dennis Hancock
President & CEO
Mountain Valley MD
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