When the world changes, we can change the world

Things are different. Fewer choices, fewer places to go, fewer things to do.

With this time comes clarity - about our lives, our families, the things that really matter. We've discovered the world will turn even if our normal lives have stopped. 

One day rolls into the next, regardless of whether we're at an office, a store, a restaurant, a factory, a school, or in our homes. 

And we've learned that whether we're at the frontlines of the battle or helping in whatever way we can, we're part of something larger. 

It's a sort of freedom; when the world changes and we can still work to change the world. 

When future generations look back, they may ask "What did you do during that time?" We can tell them - everything we needed to.

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Special Thanks

The effects of COVID-19 on local business have been felt across London and the world.

What we’ve seen in London is despite the challenges COVID has created, businesses are nimble and rising to the challenge. Several local businesses and organizations have pivoted, stepped up, or have developed innovative solutions to help support COVID-19 relief efforts – and these are just some of their stories.

This video highlights how London is rallying together to support frontline workers, keep employees safe, and keep everyone connected virtually.

It showcases the new normal for families, employees, and businesses alike, and how London is resilient.

Special thanks to for helping us create this video, and to the businesses, spaces, places, and people who are featured in this video: Digital Echidna, rTraction / RH Acclerator, HRdownloads, Connect Dot Management Inc., Employment Sector Council, Mobials,, Stache Fabrics & Notions, Dos Tacos, Nuts for Cheese, City Studio, Winks Eatery, London Music Office, London Health Sciences Centre, London Health Research Institute, General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada, Children's Health Foundation, Collins Formal Wear, London Police Services / Middlesex-London EMS, Milos Beer Emporium, Western Fair District, International Name Plate Supplies (INPS Group), OntarioSEO, Hive Media Group, Big Blue Bubble, Disinfect & Fog, Andy Goddard music, London Arts Council, and Heemans.

Thanks to the many more that shared their stories and content with us. Please continue sharing your story so we can spread the word about what London is doing to #CombatCOVID.

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