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Kick off the new school year with ideas from the Home Baking Association!  

It’s Back-to-School time and the Home Baking Association has teaching aids to help you kick-off the school year!  Remember to visit our Facebook and Blog for more ideas!  Don’t miss the back-to-school special and check out more resources at!

What's the difference?

Check out this great display chart

Exactly what is the difference between baking soda and baking powder? And when do you use one, and not the other? Also, what are quick breads?  Here’s a great chart to use in the classroom!

Provided by HBA Member Clabber Girl

Wheat, Gluten and Health 

The Science Behind Gut Health and Food Intolerances

This self-study module has been approved by the Commission of Dietetic Registration for 1 hour of level 2 continuing professional education units (CPEUs). 

Julie Miller Jones will present the science, incidence and mechanism behind food intolerances, gluten sensitivity, and Celiac Disease.  She will explain the etiology of poor gut health, the role of the microbiome, and the mechanisms by which poor gut health can lead to food intolerances and sensitivities. She will also examine the concept that a gluten-free diet is healthful for everyone, even those who are not gluten sensitive or who do not have Celiac’s Disease.

Provided by HBA Supporter Wheat Foods Council

The Six Classes of Wheat

Sometimes called the wheat berry, the kernel is the seed from which the wheat plant grows. Learn about more about wheat with these links!

A Kernel of Wheat: All You Need to Know!

Six Classes of Wheat

heat Facts!

Provided by Kansas Wheat

Resources for Educators!

Free: Bake for Good, Kids Program
Flourish: The King Arthur Flour blog with hundreds of recipes and discussions about baking.

Baking Equipment

Detailed definitions of pans, utensils, mixers and more. Plus, tips on what to use in a pinch if you don’t have a tool you need. Check it all out here!

Provided by HBA Member Land O'Lakes
Put on your lab coats! It's time to explore the science of yeast! Download several yeast experiments here.

Provided by HBA Member Red Star Yeast

Free Cookbook!

Fun recipes that kids will enjoy while learning the concepts of baking science! Order your free copy here!

Provided by HBA Member Jiffy Mixes
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Load Those Thumb Drives! by Sharon Davis, HBA

Before student backpacks snap shut for their first day of school, we have some hot picks for teachers to zip, load and “kindle” - standards-based learning in multiple core and FCS specific categories.     
Baking math and sciences encompasses ingredient agriculture, consumer habits, food, nutrition and ingredients.  Apply it all in test kitchen methodology to gain BOTH life, career and STEM knowledge and practices. Fresh picks include
  • The chemistry of Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder—What’s the Difference? Download
  • Yeast and Baking Lessons: lessons, experiments, videos 
  • Baking is ideal for learning the science basic of Cause and EffectAfter this activity, have students write their own “Cause and Effect” evaluation of another baked product lab they do! 
  • MeasureUP! skills, using real baking ingredients, test kitchen methods. Download
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Set up a test kitchen challenge to bake a SMART SNACK product, sellable in schools for parties, cafeteria or bake sales. First learn more about:

  • What’s Whole Grain?  Lessons, supermarket tour and more
  • Develop and Consumer Test your own products with Kitchen Science guide
  • Apply Bake for Funds Power point tips (need to add on web-site) and resources

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