Baking with young children will help provide a lifetime of enjoyment!
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When to Bake with Young Children?

Baking with young children is fun!  Young children are full of wonder and love the hands-on tasks of baking.  The rewards established with developing early kitchen skills will provide a lifetime of enjoyment!  What is your earliest memory of being in the kitchen? The Home Baking Association provides guidelines to start working with children at two years of age with. Look what they can do!

Proper hand washing
 • Wipe table tops
• Play with utensils
• Scrub, wash, tear, snap, break into pieces
• Move pre-measured ingredients from one place to another
• Add prepared/measured ingredients to a bowl

Use proper measuring techniques! 
Children model what they see and success in baking begins with accurate measuring. Measuring liquids, Measuring dry ingredients

Why Bake 2016! 
Discover the many benefits of baking. Download the new presentation here

Thrill of Skill! 
Getting started tips
Appropriate tasks provided by age

Remember it is great to have older children helping younger ones learn. Baking and cooking connect with and achieve national education standards.
Ten Tips for Baking Success

Make it Yours

Baking isn’t just about making delicious treats—though we all love that part!—it’s also a great way to spend time with your family and bring out their creative side. With these simple family baking tips you can bring out the best in your cookies and your kids. Watch this wonderful video about baking

Make It Yours Cookie Recipe - S'mores!

Check out this very cool website feature that allows you to custom build your own cookie recipe. Feel like s'mores? Check out the recipe here!

Provided by HBA Member Country Crock

Fun Projects for Families

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that baking is an affordable and fun activity that everyone in the family can enjoy.

This One-Egg Muffin recipe is a perfect recipe for your bakers to help make! With only seven ingredients, your kids will master this recipe pretty quickly. And when they do, reward them with a School of Baking certificate!

Provided by HBA Member Clabber Girl

Baking with Kids!

Children as young as two or three can participate in simple baking activities such as pouring, stirring, and decorating. By five or six, kids enjoy measuring, making cookie-cutter shapes, and using a rotary beater. At nine or ten, most children have the coordination to operate electric equipment such as blenders and microwave ovens and the reading skills to understand recipes. Here's a list of the basic equipment you'll need to get started.

Basic Equipment Needed
  • A set of plastic or metal measuring cups for dry ingredients
  • One or more glass measuring cups for liquid ingredients
  • A set of measuring spoons
  • Rubber or plastic spatula
  • Several wooden spoons
  • Rotary beater (the classic “eggbeater”)
  • At least three sturdy glass or metal mixing bowls
  • Cookie sheet(s)
  • Round or square cake pan
  • Oven mitt and hot pad
  • Apron
Find more information here!
Provided by HBA Member Domino Sugar

Get Active in the Kitchen!

Children learn what they live, get active in the kitchen! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

• no TV or video viewing under the age of 2
• Read together… 3X a day!
• Play • Sing • Rhyme
• Talk about what you’re doing
• Repeat words, sounds
• Make silly names, words for alphabet letters
• Build “do-it-yourself” food skills as part of an active lifestyle
• Eat meals together at least 5-7 times weekly
• Visit for pre-K and up baking resources! 

Check out this Preschool Lesson where you will find great information, including:

Getting Started Ideas, Sample Baking Activity Time Line, Book and Bake books, and Observation Check-List

Provided by HBA Educator Award Winner, Julie Ratchford, Virginia

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Baking with Friends


Teachers, parents, youth leaders and mentors will find educational resources abound with the Home Baking Association resource, Baking with Friends. A valuable resource to teach kids self-sufficiency in the kitchen while inviting questions and providing answers through this new learning tool! Everyone will share in the tasty success of learning to bake! 

  • 31 recipes - each recipe includes Fun Fact, Vocabulary, Family Activity
  • 7 pages baking resources
  • Age-Appropriate Kitchen Tasks
  • Ten Tips for Baking Success
  • Baking Skills Check List
  • Measurement & Ingredient Substitutions Guide
  • Reading List for Baking Literature
  • Baking Certificate Download for free, here
  • Glossary
  • 60 minute audio CD
  • Hardback book with dust cover
  • 74 pages
  • Only $20.00 - Order here

In the Kitchen with Sharon

April delivers a bouquet of “bake-for-good” connections for everybody.  Begin young!  The Week of the Young Child (WOYC). April 10-16, shares the week with National Volunteers Week.  Why not “pay it forward” by sharing your kitchen skills with our youngest citizens?

Begin by refreshing your knowledge of what young children can do in the kitchen and plan to post your activity with WOYC on Facebook or Tweet #woyc16. 

Three ideas that connect all week with WOYC include:
  1. Bake on with young learners on Taco Tuesday, measuring, mixing and baking DIY tortillas.   
  2. Artsy Thursday, withsimple bread-in-a-bag dough preparation lets you prep, shape and bake
    No oven!?  Go with a Play Clay! 
  3. Family Friday might be breakfast, lunch or dinner! The Family Dinner Project guides all three. 
Families will love making your own Hot Pockets, something to be eaten any time of day

Find much more for young and older to do in HBA’s Baking with Friends

Sweet Happens

Enter today for a chance to win a deluxe baking set, including a new KitchenAid Mixer. Giveaway ends 4/17/16. For official rules and entry, visit this site! You can also enter by visiting us at

Home Baking Association Resources click here

Baking with Friends has received four national awards.  The new Cultured Chef book provides an international flair. A perfect gift idea for any occasion is the Dough Sculpting 101 DVD providing more than 30 shaping techniques. View more educational resources

Baker's Glossary

What Is an Apron?

Apron: A cloth or plastic cover garment bakers wear for both food sanitation and to protect clothing.

Visit our online Baking Glossary with more than 350 terms!   

Here are quick-links to some of the resources provided in this newsletter:

Apr 10-16 Week of the Young Child
Why Bake? 2016

Thrill of Skill

Ten Tips for Success

Baking with Friends

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