Ideas, Tips and Tricks to Help you Survive Summer Vacation!
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Summer Baking

Keep kids busy with summer baking activities! Be sure to visit our Facebook and Blog for more ideas!  

The long days of summer provide the perfect environment for teachable moments with kids looking for something fun to do. Allow the Home Baking Association to be your partner in providing activities and resources perfect for summer baking.

Bread in a Bag! 

A Great Group Baking Activity

Easy mixing….easy clean-up is great for adults and kids with Bread in a Bag!  Groups can measure, mix and shape dough.  Use Dough Sculpting 101 DVD for more ideas on shaping. Bake or send home to bake!  Remind kids to bake a loaf for home and one to share! Provided by HBA Member Fleischmann’s Yeast 

The Wheat You Eat 

A Program for Kids

Is wheat grown in your state? Learn how it’s grown and made into the foods we eat with this great resource.
Pennsylvania baker, Lisa Keys, wins National Festival of Breads baking competition with Smokehouse Cranberry Cheese Bread! 

The National Festival of Breads is a bread baking contest which encourages those who like to bake to develop their skills. The event took place in June 2015 in Manhattan, Kansas.

Your Guide to Baking for County Fairs

Are you looking for recipes and hints for winning that purple ribbon? No need to look any further because we've got you covered! Check out these great resources!

Try these Classic Recipes!
King Arthur Flour knows all of the great classic recipes. Check out what they have to offer here.

Favorite Classic Recipes
The Perfect Frosting!
The folks at C&H sugar know what it takes to make perfect frosting for summer treats. Check out their suggestions
Cooking & Baking Techniques
Land O'Lakes has helpful hints on handling ingredients. Check them out here
Tips and Troubleshooting
Red Star Yeast provides great advice for bakers. Find valuable resources
Lazy Daisy Cake!
One of 31 recipes in Baking with Friends, Lazy Daisy Cake has been a county fair favorite for decades. Try this recipe and more in our four-time national award-winning book.

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Purple Ribbon Fair Baking - By Sharon Davis
All over the country people are eyeing the competition for baked goods awards at their fairs!  Having judged a lot of bread and baked goods myself, I know how much may be invested in winning.  If I were baking for the fair, I’d start with tips from Cindy Falk of the Kansas Wheat Commission.  As director of the National Festival of Breads competition and a veteran 4-H baking teacher and judge, she has much to offer.  Cindy recommends:
  1. Start researching…don’t wait until the last minute. Not just any recipe will do.  We all agree you can’t go wrong with Grandma’s Potato Refrigerator Dough in rolls or braids. Check out the braiding and shaping guides offered too.
  2. Choose from well-tested recipes that look delicious and fit the category guidelines. Let a test kitchen do the trial baking and discover the best methods and ingredients.  Cindy’s best baking results can be found online here, and many more Home Baking Association test kitchens can be found on the HBA website.
  3. Use fresh ingredients—whole grain flours, leavening (baking powder, soda, yeast), nuts, fats and spices if you haven’t baked for many months.  Make ingredient substitutions using good guidance such as this great measurement and substitution guide.
  4. Practice baking the recipe several times—double check your baking methods so you’ll get the same winning results as the test kitchen.  Video measuring method help is a click away with this helpful video.   
  5. You may need to bake products ahead and freeze them for the big day. “If you put a purple ribbon product in the freezer, it comes out a purple ribbon if you cool product on a wire rack, double wrap and keep frozen for 1 to 4 weeks before the fair. Use A Bakers Dozen Lab 13 Guide for Handling and Storage 

Let the summer fair baking begin!   

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