Ideas, Tips and Tricks to Help you Survive Summer Vacation!
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Summer Baking

Activities and Resources to prepare teachers and parents for Summer fun

Summer is here and baking provides great opportunities for adventure and learning for kids!  Home Baking Association members encourage you to share these baking activities at camps, workshops, meetings or at home ....there’s a baking lesson to fit any summer activity!

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Blueberry Muffins!

Muffins are a great group baking activity!  They require only a few ingredients and equipment and they are easy to make!  The DIY Baking Mix streamlines the ingredients too!  This can be a two part baking activity!  Day one teach the correct measuring.  Check-out the video links for measuring! Day two make these delicious Blueberry Muffins!  Bake in mini-muffins for even more delicious samples!  

Here are some great HBA DIY tutorials you might find helpful while preparing this recipe:
Book and Bake Lesson Read Blueberries for Sal, and bake cornmeal cakes with berries!
Download the lesson plan here
Twitter Chat! #dinnerpower Join FCCLA and Home Baking Association as we discuss "Youth Empowerment at the Dinner Table" on June 24th at 8PM (EST). Check out this informative website for more information.

More Summer Baking Activities

Why Bake with Kids? Here are some tips to get started thanks to our friends at Domino Sugar. 

Play Clay for Summer!
Play ClayMake creations and let them dry for long-term keeping. Or, store soft play clay in plastic bags or containers to stay moist and be used over and over again! 

Check out this Play Clay DIY video from HBA
Order our Dough Sculpting 101 video
Make Your Own Watercolors!
WatercolorNo need to purchase anything. You probably already have these ingredients in your kitchen! Thank you Argo Cornstarch for these Play Clay and Watercolor activities.
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!
Kids love pizza. Try one of these great recipes. Traditional, or even on the grill! Find an assortment here from King Arthur Flour!
Highlights Activities!
A special thanks to HBA's Writer's Guild contributor Highlights for Children for providing baking learning activities for children and adults to share.

Check out the fun activity, "Look and Look Again" where children are invited to spot how two photos are both different, and the same.
Baking with Friends!
Pumpkin Pancakes is one of 31 recipes in Baking with Friends!  A four-time national award-winning book, provides teachers, parents and youth leaders with activities, fun facts and resources to help children have fun and be successful in the kitchen!

Cost: $20.00 Order online from the HBA

Enjoy these excerpts from Baking with Friends!

Pumpkin Pancakes - English Version
Hot Cakes de Calabaza - Spanish Version

Festival of Breads
Saturday, June 13, 2015
Hilton Garden Inn, 410 South 3rd  St. 
Manhattan, Kansas
9:30 AM and 12:30 PM
Bake to Rock the World
with Sharon Davis,
Home Baking Association

Davis will demonstrate key baking methods, science activities and recipes for baking together in kitchens and out! Highlights include flour and leavening science, wholegrain how-tos, and four great flatbreads to bake using resources and her cookbook, Baking with Friends: Recipe, Tips and Fun Facts for Teaching Kids to Bake
Exhibits: 8 AM-3PM
Home Baking Association
- See complete schedule



Welcome to the Home Baking Association family, Kayla Taylor, the winner of the 2015 Educator Award. - - - Mrs. Taylor is a 2008 graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelors degree in General Human Ecology/FACS Ed. Mrs. Taylor was born and raised in Yates Center. Currently residing just outside of Gridley with her husband Cody, daughter, son and yellow lab Maggie. She and her husband enjoy fishing, traveling and working in their garden.

How to Survive Summer Vacation - By Sharon Davis


#1: Be intentional. Soccer, baseball and tennis set goals and practice skills, techniques and play by the rules. Cooking and baking are fun, but treat it the same way. Plan Kitchen Time 3 to 5 times a week, choose who’s “playing” what positions and what you’ll do. To get started

#2: Read Safe Kitchen Checklist and Fight Bac! Tour the kitchen. Locate, name, set rules and guidelines for use AND clean up requirements. BASICS: Wash. No eating raw batter or dough. Zero batter or oil may go in the drain! Bowl Scraper

#3: Use The Thrill of Skill and Ten Tips…for Success (Spanish or English). Plan what older youth or adults will assist younger children. Achieve the knowledge and skills on our four Baking Guide Cards—Measurements; Baking Temperatures, Ingredient Substitution and Pan Substitution and you’re launched! Check it out here

#4: Print a Food Skills Check List, for each person to mark progress! TryKitchen Science activities; learn the fundamentals–how to read a recipe, mis en place; correct ingredient or substitution, accurate measurement of ingredients, temperatures, pans, oven use.

View Baking Channel videos; Baking Glossary and HBA member test kitchens.

#5: Share your skills. Demonstrate or enter baked goods at a fair! Artfully shape dough with Dough Sculpting 101 DVD to guide. Bake to benefit a need by end of summer, more info here.

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