January 2014

Get Your Head in the Game

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It's January and time to get your head in the game as you restart your career search after a well-deserved holiday break.

Trying to get focused reminds me of when I was teaching my six year old son how to swing a golf club. I patiently stood behind him to show him where to place his feet, how to grip the club, and the basic action of bringing the club back and following through. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell him to wait until I got out of the way before swinging. 

Eager to demonstrate his new understanding, he swung back and inadvertently grazed my head with the club. Ouch! I was so focused on mechanics that I forgot the obvious.
As I recovered from the mild injury, I thought about how important it is to “get your head in the game.” As a career coach, I see people who get so overwhelmed by the job search process that they forget the basics.

Here Are Some Tips
To Help You Get Started


Focus: Keep your eye on the ball. When you're looking for a new job, you'll need to be able to focus your attention inward to find out what your greatest strengths are. Then, focus your attention outward as you search for jobs that match those strengths. Click here to read my blog on "Focus."

Where do you play ball? In order to achieve clarity, you need to come up with a targeted job search strategy. Remember to check in with yourself along the way and make sure you are looking at jobs that interest you. In the end, your goal is to find something that makes you say, "I want to do this job." For more on how to find clarity, check out my "Clarity" blog.

Enjoy: Be a good sport. It’s vital that you continue to feel good. How do you balance taking care of yourself with staying on track?  Here are my 4 tips on keeping your job search enjoyable.

Small Steps: It all comes down to your short game. Taking small steps will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Searching for a new job is a journey and the key to moving forward is to recognize and celebrate all the small victories and learning opportunities along the way. Read my "Small Steps" blog for more.

"Goals are dreams with deadlines"

-Diana Scharf Hunt
Becky Roth Coaching
Becky Roth, MSW, LGSW,
Certified Professional Coach
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