June 2014

It's Time to Steer Your Career!

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Summer is all about road trips, and it is due time for you to steer your own career.  

Imagine you're driving and realize you aren't actually headed where you really want to go. Do you keep going or do you pull over, look at a map, and find out how to get where you want to be?

Last month's newsletter was all about your career path. This month, I want you to figure out- what kind of driver are you?

When we drive, sometimes we are speeding and other times just cruising on a beautiful day. We set our speed.  Don't forget, you have the control and the steering wheel is in your hands.

It's time to steer your own career.  Let me help you figure out where to begin in this month's four blogs.

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Speed Racer

Are you a speed racer? If you're going fast, but you're not going where you want to be, then what's the rush? Maybe now's the time to ease off the gas and slow down. more>>

Cruise Control

Most of us have used "cruise control" at one time or another, but it shouldn't be your approach to career satisfaction. more>>

Reverse to Go Forward

Just like putting your car in reverse is necessary to get you out of a tight spot, sometimes you'll have to go back to move forward when it comes to your career. more>>

Enjoy the Ride

Congrats on taking the drivers seat and steering your own career. You can work at a job where you enjoy what you do, and having the initiative to seek it out takes courage and determination. more >>

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.



Becky Roth, MSW, LGSW,
Certified Professional Coach
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