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Hello, Pinellas Democrats!

Because the membership will be voting virtually for the first time during our upcoming General Meeting, we are limiting the Zooming meeting attendees to those members who are eligible to vote, newly appointed members and a few others. In order to allow everyone to attend, though, we are streaming the meeting to YouTube.

Stream the General Meeting on YouTube Monday, January 25, at 7pm.

Meeting Stream on YouTube

District Organizational Meetings

The Pinellas Democratic Party will also elect district leadership during the last week of January. Again, due to voter eligibility, Zoom invitations will be limited. However, we will also stream each of these meetings live.

Tuesday, January 26 • 7pm

Wednesday, January 27 • 7pm

Thursday, January 28 • 7pm

Voting Eligibility

If you have a question about your voting eligibility, please contact the credentials committee at Please note Zoom invitations to district organizational meetings may not be sent until 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

Most voting members are:

  • Precinct Committeepersons elected in August 2020, and

  • Appointed members who were (1) properly appointed in 2020 and voted in by a majority of the Pinellas County Democratic Executive Committee (PCDEC) at a general meeting, and (2) who are also re-voted in at the January meeting before the Credentials Committee elections take place.

    • These appointed members may be able to vote, if voted in and approved, due to a procedural step outlined in our Bylaws (Article IV, Section 1.2.1.), which allows for properly appointed members to be re-voted in during the first general meeting after our reorganization without having their voting rights lapse.

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