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  Mental Health in the Workplace Affects Everyone!

When mental health issues are not addressed and treated there can be considerable financial costs to organizations. With early prevention and support, many of these costs can be reduced or eliminated. Know the facts:

  • 1 in 3 workplace disability claims are related to mental illness, and depression will be the second leading cause of disability by 2020
  • Every dollar a business invests in mental health the return is $2.30 in improved productivity.
  • 1 in 5 Canadians will experience mental illness
  • 2 in 3 people deal with mental health in silence fearing judgement
  • Up to 70% of young adults living with mental illness issues report that the symptoms started in childhood
  • Each week more than 500 000 Canadians will not go to work because of mental illness
  • Mental health illnesses in Canada account for more than $6 billion in lost productivity every year

MHFA Canada is an evidence based program of The Mental Health Commission of Canada. 

More and more workplaces are implementing Mental Health First Aid and Awareness programs. Clients are seeing the benefits of being pro active with proper training for their employees.

Taking MHFA provides skills to use with others as well as oneself. It was designed and reviewed by experts, and is intended ideally as an early intervention strategy.

Who should take this course? This course is for everyone and is not targeted to a specific place of business, industry, walk of life, or experience. Many  workplaces are looking at MHFA as they do physical first aid and are having their First Aiders, Joint Health and Safety Committee members, Supervisors and Managers, and any concerned employee as possible attendants. MHFA is a valuable tool for workplaces that are also at a high risk of workplace violence and harassment.

Mental Health issues and concerns are not restricted to any work environment or industry. The general public, those in the Health Care, Community service, Police and Emergency Services, and places of higher education where personal interaction and “stressful” situations occur would also find this training invaluable.

MHFA is a 2 day course. The participants will get a manual, and will have a certificate sent to them from the Mental Health Commission of Canada upon successful completion.  MHFA information sourced from  Mental Health Commission of Canada

To Read Course Content Click Here

Contact our office to discuss scheduling a MHFA program on-site at your facility

Mental Health in Life and the Workplace Workshop

Mental Health is finally getting the voice it deserves and it is an important discussion to be having in the workplace. Signs of mental health and their impacts are lack of purpose, decreased morale, decreased productivity, loss of vitality and increased sick time.

CBHM in association with Cheryl Parker of My Good Grief, has developed a one-day workshop to participate in that discussion with your employees. This workshop will bring you valuable information on how to take care of yourself day to day, while navigating through your work day, as well how to support others who are dealing with mental health issues. There is no replacement for professional medical diagnosis and support, but there is information we can educate ourselves with, to bring workability to the workplace. Mental health can be associated with depression, anxiety and grieving from various losses that are not limited to death alone (such as divorce, lifestyle, addictions, retirement, empty nest, health, mobility etc.). All these mental health issues impact our employees and our lives on a day to day basis.

Workshop Agenda:

• Identify types of mental health (depression, anxiety, loss and grief)
• Discuss impacts and begin the conversation – Breaking the silence and dismantle the stigma through    interactive discussion
• Coping strategies and how far they get us – Interactive discussion
• Life Event Milestone Timeline work – Individual exercise
• Tips and Tricks
• Supporting co-workers dealing with mental health
• Open discussion

Employee Benefits:

• Getting back to work faster
• Feeling productive and improve morale
• Sense of commitment from employer
• Overall increased well-being
• Improved self-esteem

Company Benefits:

• Additional support to provide employees
• Creates a partnership and trust between employees and company
• Reduce disability costs
• Remove costs for interim replacement employees
• Increased loyalty from employees

Facilitator- Cheryl Parker

Cheryl is a motivational speaker who has changed the lives of hundreds of people. She provides workshops and counseling by embracing her clients and helps guide them with healing when dealing with grief, loss, depression anxiety and general mental health issues, to a more meaningful purpose and life.

Group size capped at 25 per session. Program can be customized to fit your workplace requirements. Contact our office to discuss your requirements, pricing and scheduling.

Each participant receives an interactive workbook. 



Cannabis in the Workplace Webinar
What You Need to Know as an Employer in Ontario

James LeNoury LLP- CBHM's Employment and Labour Law Specialist, passed along this information and webinar to assist in updating our clients with important health and safety information

James has  prepared a short on-demand webinar to answer some of the most burning (pun intended) questions about how the legalization of cannabis will effect employers and employees in Ontario.

To View the Cannabis in the Workplace webinar, click on the following link:

View the 'Cannabis Law and the Ontario Workplace' webinar


Password: CannabisLaw (case sensitive)

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Article #1 -MHFA information sourced from  Mental Health Commission of Canada

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