CEW Spring 2015 Newsletter
Dear Friends of the Center: 

We at CEW had an exciting start of the year when in the State of the Union, President Obama drew from the center's Recovery 2020 report: "by the end of this decade, two in three job openings will require some higher education."

In January, we also released College Is Just the Beginning, a report that analyzes the role of employer-provided training in the American education and training system. This report and several of our upcoming publications have been crafted in response to President Obama’s proposed plan to make the first two years of community college free. We believe that the President’s call reflects the need for alternative postsecondary training pathways for young and old. Over the next few months, we will publish an update to our staple report on college majors as well as reports that analyze the economic value of certifications and associate’s degrees.
Additionally, in an effort to strengthen our outreach efforts, we have been working on updating our communications materials. First we developed a new look for our newsletter and, if you haven’t seen our new website, we invite you to take a look here: Our new site provides easier access to our publications and other tailored features like our live social media feed.
We are also working on connecting with state leaders and policymakers to support their efforts of using data to drive policy development and program improvement. As we move forward with this work, we will showcase it on our website.
I invite you to send us feedback on our publications, our website, and our newsletter. We hope to hear any new features you would like to see on these media as we continue to make improvements.

Thank you for your continued interest and support as we strive to contribute to the goal of increasing postsecondary access and completion for all Americans. 

Andrea Porter
Director of Strategic Planning and Communications

Access and Excellence: Bridging the Gap in Higher Education
Cross Walks III Meeting
Strategy Labs Featured Champion Video
January 15, 2015-  At the Newseum, Arizona State University and Opportunity America hosted the Access and Excellence: Bridging the Gap in Higher Education conference where Dr. Carnevale gave a speech on issues affecting the education system. Policy makers and educational leaders also voiced their opinions on bettering higher education. 
February 25, 2015- The Higher Education Act governing federal student aid programs is up for reauthorization. CEW’s Dr. Carnevale met with Secretary of the Dept. of Education, Arne Duncan and 25 higher education leaders came together to discuss issues that are expected to underpin HEA reauthorization and to inform the Department's primary higher-ed initiatives over the Obama Administration's final two years.
January 27, 2015- Strategy Labs, a collaborative research website featured Dr. Anthony P. Carnevale as this month’s Champion. The site connects policy makers with states to advance State Policy Agenda to focus on increased educational attainment. In the video Dr. Carnevale analyzes the value of a four year degree and change in the workforce. 
The $1.1 Trillion
Postsecondary Education
and Training System
From Hard Times to Better Times: College Majors, Unemployment And Earnings
Nursing: Supply and Demand Through 2020 
February 14, 2015- A report on post secondary education and workforce training from Dr. Carnevale, Artem Gulish and Andrew R. Hanson that analyzes the $1.1 trillion being spent on higher education and training by industries. 
Februrary 19, 2015- Declining unemployment rates among college graduates are examined in this report as well as fluctuation of salaries per occupation. 
February 25, 2015- This report analyzes the growing demand in the nursing field and the educational requirements necessary to qualify for positions in an unmet market. 
The Online College Labor Market (States Version)
The Economy Goes to College
This report analyzes job openings per state for college educated workers and which occupations have more openings. It also details companies that recruit most heavily in each state.
Over the last 60 years college graduates contribute more value to the economy than ever before. The Economy Goes to College is a study about how the way goods come to market and have changed over time.
 In a US News article find out Dr. Carnevale’s solution to the growing skills gap in America which includes information on the difference between two year and four year educational systems. 
Bloomberg Business analyzes why “nursing schools can’t grow fast enough to let in everyone they want to” with CEW Senior Economist Nicole Smith. 
Did you know certifications are a great way to raise your chances for future employment? Check out the Washington Post’s Community Colleges Could Help Fix America’s Looming Skills Shortage.
The Other College Guide, a new book on finding the right college was published March 15 featuring using data from The College Payoff, Hard Times, The Online College Labor Markets and Recovery. 
In The Chronicle Of Higher Education's article find out what employers think about hiring new college graduates and how new hires perceive their work in College Students Think. . .
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